The Impact of COVID-19 to Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

The COVID-19 pandemic may have put most of the establishments around the world on lockdown and a major part of the economy to a standstill. The United States is no exception to this situation. However, businesses, establishments, and organizations that provide essential goods and services are very much needed in this difficult time and should always be available for the people. Legal services can also be considered as essential services that should be accessible to people even when they are at home. We’ll examine the impact of this health situation on personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles and what adjustments they are making to cope with it.

The Impact of COVID-19 to Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

A Decline in Personal Injury Cases

With many states across the US implementing lockdown and other precautionary procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many people are staying at home until the situation is well under control. California is no exception, and as a state with a high population and vehicle traffic density, the lockdown situation has kept a considerable number of people and cars off the highways and roads for the meantime. This equates to lower incidences of personal injuries due to traffic accidents. Nevertheless, law offices and firms should still stay on standby and be alert for other situations of personal injury that may arise. Although the home is a relatively safe place to stay, not all neighborhoods are created equal, and there can still be situations that may cause personal injuries to watch out for.

Rise of Online and Phone Consultations

Depending on the policies of each state, county, or city, there is a possibility that most people will not be allowed to travel for consultation services and meeting up with people. As a result, people will turn to alternative ways of contacting personal injury lawyers or any lawyer regardless of specialization, to seek consultation, legal advice, or schedule a future appointment regarding legal matters. Among the many law firm websites in Los Angeles, is one of those sites that offer free case evaluation and legal consultation and a 24/7 contact hotline both through phone and online. Being available at any part of the day is important for prospective clients because personal injury cases or other legal concerns can arise at any time. When you know of a law firm that offers this 24/7 availability, you can also be at ease and be assured of reliable service at any time you need legal assistance.

Opportunities for Reviewing and Re-evaluating Personal Injury Cases

Most court proceedings may be scheduled for a later date or postponed until further notice until the threat of COVID-19 has totally dissipated. Personal injury lawyers can use their time while at home to carefully review their cases, revisit their legal strategies, and further discuss relevant matters about the case with their clients. Ongoing cases can be reviewed and re-evaluated by lawyers and they can interact with their clients online regarding how the case is progressing so far. For new cases referred to lawyers before the implementation of the lockdown, they can carefully review the cases and check the gathered evidence, statements, and other documentations and find crucial information for establishing a strong case once legal proceedings and court activities resume.

The Impact of COVID-19 to Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

The impact of the COVID-19 situation on personal injury lawyers not just in Los Angeles, but throughout the United States can still be viewed in a positive light. While lawyers certainly don’t wish for more accidents and personal injuries to happen, they also want to be of service to people who need their assistance when it matters. The current situation can also present opportunities for spreading legal awareness and information about legal matters not just limited to personal injury. Also, lawyers are given more time to assess and evaluate their cases in order to present a strong case upon the resumption of court activities. 


Written by George K.

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