10 Essential Grilling Tools You Need To Own

Grilling is a fun activity and we all enjoy grilled meat, fish and vegetables so much as it leaves behind a unique charred and crispy flavor with a crusty texture.

Grilling is more enjoyable when you have the finest tools. There are many grilling tools present in the market; so, we have compiled a list of 10 essential grilling tools you should have.

  1. The Grill

Charcoal grill is the main grilling tool and in case you are looking to buy one, you need to note these features. First, the cooking grate needs to be well spaced to allow better oxygen circulation to the meat. Next, a good burner and control knobs are a must as these help regulate the flame and temperature for the grill. So, go and get one of the best smokers out there.

  1. Strong Barbeque Tongs

Tongs help toss and turn the meat as per our needs. Select tongs that are big, lightweight, strong and robust. The strong structure gives a good grip over the meat. Further, the tongs must be flexible and you should get long handled tongs to keep yourself safe from high flames.

  1. Meat Thermometers

Imagine that you host a barbeque party and while chatting with your friends, you accidently burn the meat. You can avoid that using the meat thermometers. It measures the meat temperature and helps us know how well the meat has been cooked from time to time. Nowadays, there are digital meat thermometers that are available with wireless remote controls. So, you can go and get one of those.

  1. Lightweight Spatula

Spatulas are used to flip the burgers. In case you are looking to buy one, get a lightweight spatula with medium handle length. Also, it’s better to get spatulas with a wider head as it holds bigger food components like breads, fish fillets etc better. 

  1. Basting Brush

Well, we all love a good pour of sauce on our barbecues. A basting brush is used to spread the marinate over the meat which adds the juiciness and flavors to it. In case you are looking to buy one of these, go for the ones that can handle high heat and are flexible. Also, look for the ones that hold higher quantities of basting sauce.

  1. Grill Basket

Grill baskets are a must as they are used for multiple purposes. Get a large basket which holds more sliced up meat or vegetable pieces. Also, look for the ones that can handle high temperatures as they usually last longer. 

  1. Metal Skewers

Metal skewers last longer and cause less pollution than wood skewers. Before you get the skewers check the length and width of your grill and choose the ones that match with grill size. Make sure that the skewer has a good circular handle and is long enough to hold a good amount of meat.

  1. Cast-Iron Skillet

When we place meat in a skillet, we rule out the grill mark. Also, the fat from meat doesn’t fall down from grater. The fats, juices, basting sauce etc. remain on the meat and in the skillet. So, the meat cooks continuously in the juices for long. So, the meat never runs dry. Also, you can easily avoid the accidental char on the meat.

  1. Chimney Starter for Charcoal Grill

For many, lighting the grill is a big task. The chimney starter comes in handy to light up the grill. Get a high capacity starter for the grill. Also, try to buy an odorless chimney starter.

  1. Grilling Gloves

Safety should always be the first priority. Grilling gloves can be termed as the grilling safety tool. It is recommended to get a good pair of silicone grilling gloves. It avoids cuts or severe burns from the flames, smoke and hot pieces of meat.

Good tools make grilling more enjoyable. Yes, we agree that there are lots of amazing tools out there. But, there are some essential tools which can never be left out of a grilling tool kit. We listed them above for you. So, in case you are getting a new smoker grill, go through this list to ensure you have bought all the necessary tools. 

Written by George K.

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