11 Cloth Fabrics that are Suitable for your Child

11 Cloth Fabrics that are Suitable for your Child

Aren’t baby clothes the cutest? When you see those little pants and dresses hanging in stores, do you feel the need for them to be made in your size or are you normal? Do you feel jittery when you see the baby clothes and mentally make scenarios to dress your little one in those cute clothes? However, do you know an essential quality in kids’ clothes? No, not cuteness. The fabric used is the most crucial factor. 


Cotton is the most widely used and the perfect material for your baby’s clothes. It is breathable and soft, which allows the skin to breathe and absorbs sweat but most importantly, it is gentle to the skin. This makes it the perfect material for kids PJs


Flannel is a soft material used for winter clothes. If you need slightly thicker material for colder days, you better invest in flannel. It is soft and gentle and also does not let the heat escape. It is also easy to take care of and wash. 


If you live in more tropical regions or are going on holiday to the beach, this is undoubtedly the best material for your child. Linens are thin and allow air to pass through, which helps the skin cool down without withholding the heat. It is also soft, which does not cause any itches or rashes. 

Merino Wool 

Merino wool is one of the best fabrics available for children. This fabric is not only soft, gentle and breathable, it also retains heat helping your child stay warm. This is best for your child’s sensitive skin in winter. 


If your child has sensitive skin, microfibre is a good option for them. It is gentle on the skin and absorbs sweat. It is extra soft, which does not cause irritation, and is better for your child’s sensitive skin. 

Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo Rayon is a kind of miracle rayon. This is not only soft and breathable, helping your baby’s skin thrive but also durable. Your baby can dirty their clothes all they want, but it will not destroy their clothes. It is also said to have anti-allergen properties. It also has thermal regulating properties which adjusts to your child’s body temperature. It cools down if your child is hot and traps heat if your child is cold.


This is a very comfortable cloth. However, it is not very glamorous and is generally used only for linings. If you’re having something made with coarse fabric for your child, consider lining it with muslin so that the coarse material does not harm your child. 


Silk is an expensive fabric, but if you’re making glamorous dresses for your child for some occasions, you can use this. It is soft and smooth on the skin and has a sheen to it, justifying its pricing. 


It is a soft flowy fabric that has a great sheen. It is very handy for children since it is a wrinkle-free fabric and retains its shape. It is again great for glamorous outfits which can be worn outside. 


Another great fabric that can be used for glamorous clothes is satin. It is lightweight and has a glamour to it making it sought after. This can be a budget-friendly alternative to silk. It has the same sheen and is lightweight, making it easy to carry. 

Jersey knit

Don’t you love the soft t-shirts you sleep in? It is best for your baby’s sensitive skin. It is not only soft and gentle on the skin but also stretchable. It is made from a cotton blend, but you need to check the fabric composition before purchasing it to make sure it has more cotton making it soft and gentle. 

Your child is your world and we know how much you want to protect your world. When your baby is born, the fabric is the first thing they’re clad into and hence it is important to know the best fabrics for your little one. Their skin is much more sensitive than yours and so it is important to do your research and clad them in comfortable and soft fabrics which will be gentle on their skin. 

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