13 Celebrities Who Have Had A Thread Lift

celibrieties who had thread uplift

The noninvasive thread lift surgery, which uses absorbable sutures that are “threaded” through the skin and tightened to give a slight lift, is a popular topic of celebrity chatter. Simply said, since they have better access to doctors and clinics and, of course, because they have so much money, celebrities are usually the first to test these mysterious beauty procedures. 

Not to be confused with a facelift, it will only result in minor improvement, and physicians predict that you’ll need to return for maintenance as frequently as you would for fillers.

Some aesthetic specialists adore them, like dermatologist Dr. Janet Allenby of Delray Beach, Florida, who believes they’re fantastic for patients who aren’t quite ready for a facelift. “I frequently combine the threads with other procedures, including fillers.” According to the speaker, they have a limited lifespan, which can dishearten some individuals.

The face can be made more narrow using threads, with sharp cheekbones and jawline. According to dermatologist Kathleen Behr, MD, of Fresno, California, “mint threads can be used to lift the cheekbones and jowl areas while encouraging collagen formation as they disintegrate.” They can be used with other nonsurgical techniques, such as Ultherapy, to gently tighten the skin by heating the fascia and stimulating additional collagen. 

According to Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon Denise Wong, MD, threads are a good “in-between” treatment that individuals are willing to try if they’d prefer not to have surgery. According to her, either patients don’t need such an invasive surgery or aren’t willing to undergo it; it serves as more of a bridge between nonsurgical and more aggressive treatments.

What Is A Thread Lift?

13 Celebrities Who Have Had A Thread Lift

Thread lifts are a less invasive alternative to facelifts. The thread lift procedure claims to tighten your skin by inserting medical-grade thread material into your face and then pulling the thread to push your skin up. This procedure involves lifting and sculpting your face or breasts using barbed sutures. With thread lifts, your skin is temporarily “stitched up” with medical-grade suture material to be pulled taut.

Although thread lifts have been in use since the 1990s, their popularity has grown recently due to advancements in the material used to make them. The typical thread lift candidate is between the ages of 30 and 50. The mild effects of a thread lift may work best on someone in generally good health but is only beginning to perceive symptoms of aging. Consider a thread lift a less risky alternative for those unable to undergo a surgical facelift due to medical issues that make general anesthesia difficult.

Celebrities adore getting thread lifts since recovery time is so short following a successful procedure. You may have some noticeable swelling and bruising, but you can return to work immediately if you’d like. Results are visible as soon as the threads are introduced, but they become more apparent in the following days and weeks as swelling and bruises go down. 

The effects of a thread lift are intended to be short-term. One to three years is usually the average duration of a successful treatment. The threads utilized in the surgery, like other dissolvable dermal fillers like Botox, will eventually be absorbed by the tissue beneath your skin.

Regardless of the benefits and drawbacks of temporary threads, celebrities appear to embrace them. Here is a list of A-list celebrities who have gone on record to support this quick thread lift and are satisfied with their outcomes. 

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13 Celebrities Who Had A Thread Lift

13 Celebrities Who Have Had A Thread Lift

Bella Hadid:

Bella Hadid is why the thread lift procedure became famous among A-listers. She is frequently recognized as one of the top supermodels of her generation since she established herself in the fashion world so swiftly. Her distinct feline-like appearance contributes to some of her fame. She has an instantly identifiable face, and one many people wish they had for themselves, with high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, and soft lips. The Bella Hadid thread lift surgery emerged as a result. Several people have tried it to give themselves more prominent-looking eyes because it is considered a quick and straightforward cosmetic surgery. Although Bella Hadid is often mentioned in connection with the operation, it was common before the supermodel made it so.

Eva Mendes:

In the latter half of 2020, Eva Mendez garnered attention when she uploaded a photo on Instagram showing a thread lift treatment in progress. The 46-year-old star did not hold back from saying she was getting a slight lift from a “mono-threading” treatment while praising Dr. Marina Vergara’s Beverly Hills Spa despite having seven threads placed in her lower cheek and jawline. “A place where you can unwind as the greatest of the best torture you. This is my happy place!” she said in a journal entry. She stated that she is receiving a mono-thread treatment in the picture. Thread lifting, a minimally invasive aesthetic surgery, includes mono-threading. Temporary sutures are used in a thread lift operation to provide a modest but noticeable “lift.”

Gigi Hadid:

Gigi Hadid, a supermodel, draws attention whether in the grocery store’s fresh produce section or strolling the New York Fashion Week runways. She is renowned for her gorgeous looks and captivating eyes. Her appearance is a result of non-invasive procedures mixed with her natural beauty. Hadid, for instance, enjoys cosmetic procedures like thread lifts. To tighten and elevate her skin and give her “cat eyes,” Hadid presumably underwent a thread lift and brow lift.

Kim Kardashian:

The Kardashian family’s most well-known sister, Kim Kardashian, was also the first to reach stardom. TV reality star from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and social media influencer. She is well known for having a stunning appearance, and since her skin appears tighter and she looks fantastic with it, many people have observed that she had a thread lift. Kim was likely one of the first women in Hollywood to use the thread lift procedure. In a TikTok video, keen viewers detected a slight wrinkle in front of Kim’s ear. They asserted that minor swelling is a telltale sign after a thread lift.

Kendall Jenner:

Although Kendall isn’t really connected to Kim, here is another member from the Kardashian family on our thread lift list. She is a half-sister to her. Kendall is an American model and internet personality. She is highly regarded for having a thread lift in addition to her lovely beauty. She never confirmed it, but most famous people rarely discuss cosmetic procedures. She probably had thread lifts for her brows and the area around her eyes to create the “Cat-eye” impression.

Huda Kattan:

Huda Kattan, a brand founder, and a prominent beauty influencer, revealed on her blog in 2019 that she had a thread lift to the lower face. She claimed that the benefits of thread lifts include their speed, lack of discomfort, and long-lasting results. A  strong selling point?  She was particularly impressed by their capacity to tighten her skin in places that bothered her the most. “You can do thread lifting practically anywhere, but my favorite application is to tighten the skin around the jaw. According to Kattan, threads are perfect if the skin along the jawline begins to sag since they lift and tighten the skin.

Gwyneth Paltrow:

It’s not surprising that Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow supported thread lifts back in 2015 when the absorbable sutures were making a comeback from their more prominent predecessors that date back to the 1980s. Paltrow is known for her “clean” approach to everything from food and exercise to sexual wellness. Paltrow was an early adopter of version two, which is now a touch more advanced than earlier threads. Many speculate that the celebrity has tried thread lifts, even though she has admitted to receiving Xeomin neurotoxin injections, chemical peels, Thermage skin tightening, and laser treatments. This makes sense for the 49-year-old holistic star because the procedure triggers the body’s natural collagen response.

Simon Cowell:

Early in 2018, Simon Cowell revealed that he did minor work on his skin to the Sun on Sunday newspaper. The 62-year-old reality show judge described his nonsurgical “sewing bioplastic-infused thread” facelift, saying it “hurt like hell.” “There are many things you can do right now. You don’t only have to put Botox and filler into your face to look youthful. Despite the excruciating pain, it removes sun damage and unplugs everything,” he said. He spent about $2000 on the non-surgical “sewing bioplastic-infused thread” facelift. He continued by saying that having clean skin is his priority and that people look better when they have clean skin.

Kelly Dodd:

When questioned by Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” if she had ever tried threads, former housewife Kelly Dodd, along with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Shannon Beador, admitted to having done so. The 46-year-old reality personality admitted, “I got threads done. She said on the episode that she had two and three threads inserted to either side of her face. She admitted, “I could’ve gotten more, but I didn’t want to be pulled back too much.” The therapy was more affordable for the television personality than a surgical facelift, which is reported to cost between $7,000 and $12,000 on average for a full face thread lift.

Sarah Furgerson:

Sarah Ferguson, the Dutchess of York, claimed that because she wasn’t yet ready for a complete facelift, her doctor suggested a thread lift to stimulate collagen after attempting neurotoxins, fillers, and mesotherapy. The 62-year-old Duchess described it to the Daily Mail as “garden trellising for sweet peas.” “You place the threads with a fine needle inside the skin, and they hold everything up. Additionally, they promote collagen synthesis. The sweet peas take a couple of months to bloom. I anticipated it to be painful before having it done, but it wasn’t too bad. My skin reacted positively. She stated of the procedure, “I think if you look at images of me after I had it done, I look a lot better.

Jaclyn Hill:

The well-known YouTuber and beauty expert recently got a thread lift at home, but she wanted a different result. Hill claimed that the therapy had made her look “unrecognizable,” citing abnormal swelling that persisted for months. Hill’s followers questioned her about why she had it done, to which she replied, “It’s intended to lift and tighten. Many famous people had it done to create a more “cat’s eye” look. The beauty influencer said: “I’m about to get my work done on my face” in a TikTok video. “She’s currently en route to my residence. This was me in the past. I am impatient!” she said, but her enthusiasm quickly waned. Hill was nearly unrecognizably from the video’s final image of the outcome. This would have been acceptable if the puffiness had subsided on time. Hill claimed that after suffering from the swelling for three months, she would never have the operation again.

Emily Ratajkowski:

American actor and model Emily Ratajkowski rose to fame in 2012 when she appeared in erotic magazines. Her career started to take off after that. Most makeup artists and beauty professionals believe Emily got a thread lift. Most likely, the cheeks and brows have the appearance of cat eyes. However, there isn’t 100% proof that Emily had a thread lift.

Megan Fox:

Megan Fox will most likely become a timeless sex icon. Fox looks to have undergone multiple operations, including a nose job, fillers, and lip injections. Fox adopted the famous “cat eyes” style that emerged in recent years. Her skin was tightened and lifted using a brow lift and thread lift to preserve her youthful appearance.

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Celebrities have long been drawn to cosmetic surgery. Nearly every Hollywood star had cosmetic surgery or a facelift in the 1980s and 1990s. Like summer blockbusters, Academy Awards, and divorce, plastic surgery is common in Hollywood. Over time, new techniques and surgeries have emerged. Celebs are big fans of plastic surgery. In all honesty, only some people are prepared for a facelift or other significant plastic surgery. That is one of the explanations for why thread lifting is so common among celebrities today and why more celebrities are turning towards thread lifts for a youthful appearance.

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