3 Benefits of Using Metal Table Bases (PLUS Metal Table Base Ideas)

3 Benefits of Using Metal Table Bases

The table, among other pieces of furniture, is very important in a house since it holds almost all items and where individuals would usually conduct their daily activities. So as much as we consider such furniture important, we must also consider the importance of selecting the materials for it. For a custom metal table base with steel legs, deciding the material for the tabletop would also be difficult because it would also depend on the design of the legs.

Metal is the most durable among other materials

Compared to other materials, metal is far more resilient in terms of various aspects. It could even last a lifetime if you can take good care of it. Unlike other common materials in industries today like plastic or acrylic, glass, wood, and fabric, they are fragile and can easily be destroyed or ruined by different factors whereas metal can withstand almost all conditions. This very reason is why most consumers prefer metal over anything else. Its strength and flexibility set the standard quality for all the other materials out there.

Suits the contemporary style

In actuality, metal is suitable in almost any design concept for homes but it is mainly used for professional and formal businesses because of its sleek appearance. Whether the furniture is displayed anywhere the place, it gives off the impression that the person invested has exquisite taste in the objects they choose. However, it does not mean it will only fit elegant concepts. If you are going for simplistic ideas like minimalism, metal furniture can still do the job of beautifying your space. Wooden tabletops with metal legs match rustic and elemental concepts. If you are aiming for a Medieval-inspired interior, metal tables with carved Medieval patterns is fitting into your concept.

Flexibility and versatility

The flexibility and versatility of metal are seen in its ability to be bent and formed into different kinds of shapes and sizes. This adds to the numerous qualities of metal that make it stands out from the rest. It’s quite confusing because how can a material that is much heavier, harder, and stronger be able to bend and carved with varying patterns. Metal is molten for the manufacturer of furniture to form the shapes and sizes. However, the complex the shape or figure, the more hours of processing will be required because melting will take hours to days. If not done properly, then the metal used might not be used for manufacturing. Creating pieces of furniture out of metal is a tedious process that would need extreme monitoring and careful measurements like the amount of metal to use in forming a particular piece of furniture.

Choosing the types of metal legs for furniture 

There are different types of furniture available as well as different metal legs for your furniture. But before purchasing one, you need to determine the right style for your furniture that suits your interior best because that is where you will have to base your decisions. Today, the commons ones are the minimalist, Mid-Century and contemporary. Next, is identifying the leg height. Let’s say, you are deciding your closet, do you prefer it to fill the entire empty wall or just a portion of it? Choosing whether you want a bigger or the usual size will help determine the height of your metal legs. For coffee table legs, they usually measure 16 inches to 18 inches tall while the end stand legs are 24 inches and 26 inches tall. For study and dining tables have legs that measure 28-29 inches. Meanwhile, bath, kitchen, and bar legs range from 26 inches to 42 inches long. Note that the thickness of your top will also matter since it will add to the weight of the leg bases. 

  • TypeG – TypeG metal bases have round-shaped bases that may either be 60mm or 80mm in diameter with different height options that may range from 375mm up to 1100mm that can be adjusted at 33mm.
  • TypeP – Similar to TypeG, these are round-shaped bases formed using aluminum or zinc and are colored silver. Although usually expensive than other types of table bases and that is because their durability is guaranteed to be higher than the rest.
  • TypeD – This type of table leg is cast, rectangular-shaped, and made of iron metal which is often painted silver. Also, this is guaranteed to be sturdy and can hold much more weight than round-shaped pieces of furniture due to the edges that help maintain balance.

Final thoughts

You have to remember to measure all the dimensions of your space as well as the furniture you want to get. It is a common error committed by most buyers especially when purchasing a very leg base that does not fully support the top of the main body of the furniture. Next, bear in mind that a piece of furniture is different from the other so your measurement for the leg bases varies differently. Your measurements for the table will be far different from the measurements you’ve set for your bed. Be very specific since this part is the most crucial step in coming up with a design for your metal furniture. For the table, the larger the leg size, the less space allotted for seating.

Getting your future pieces of furniture customized may seem very difficult but we do hope our suggestions have helped in directing you with what actions to undertake. Styling and measuring your furniture can turn into an exciting and rewarding experience especially if it’s your first time because you get to know what you want and not want for your home along the process. There are different furniture manufacturing companies out there that can handle designing, modeling, scaling, and creating the pieces and they may assist you in bringing your vision to life.

Written by George K.

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