3 Ways To Wear A Polo Shirt To The Office

A Polo shirt is the perfect garment for the office. It’s the ideal substitute for traditional button-down shirts and is very comfortable and stylish! 

Polo shirts are a blend of regular t-shirts and shirts. They’re sturdy, come in various colors, and are an excellent canvas for layering your looks. 

We also love that they’re versatile and look great paired with your office staples, such as blazers, chinos, classic jeans, and others. 

Looking for style ideas? Here are three ways to wear a Polo shirt to the office! 

How to Wear a Polo 

To nail all smart casual looks, don’t forget a few simple guidelines for wearing a Polo shirt.

The right fit. It can be the most expensive shirt in the world; if it doesn’t fit right, it won’t look good! Make sure your Polo is not too tight yet not too baggy: you should be able to pinch 1-2 inches on each side of your stomach. 

You also want sleeves that end somewhere in the middle of your bicep. Check out Fresh Clean Threads for some fantastic and high-quality options that fit the office dress code.

The right fabric. There are quite a few fabric options for your Polos. Choose linen and cotton for warmer days as they offer more breathability and keep you cool and go for merino wool for chilly days. Forget about synthetic fabrics; they’re not functional and look cheap!

Tuck it in…or not. It’s simple to remember when you should tuck your Polo in and when to leave it untucked. You want your shirt tucked if you’re going for a smart-casual look. Always! For this, choose Polos with extra length in the back. You can leave your shirt untucked for casual looks if you prefer, but make sure it has the same length in the front and back.

Smart Casual

Smart casual or business casual is the most common dress code for most offices. That means blending the formal with the comfortable and having some extra space to be creative. 

Pair your Polo shirt with chinos, an unstructured blazer, or a classic cardigan for the best everyday office look!

Make sure you tuck your shirt in and go for easily interchangeable colors for your tops and bottoms. Our favorites are navy, maroon, olive, gray, brown, or mustard yellow. 

Choose your footwear based on whether you want to dress the outfit up or down. Chelsea boots, derby shoes, or loafers will look more formal, but white leather sneakers are also a great option! 


There will be days at the office when you’ll need or want to look dressier. Your trusty Polo shirts are still a great option! 

Choose a high-quality polo, and don’t be afraid of merino wool or other more luxurious knits than regular cotton. Go for simple yet well-fitted wool trousers (we love thicker wool for this) and a jacket with a pocket square to elevate your look. 

Oxford shoes or Brogues will be your best footwear options. And while this is a formal look, you can still have fun with colors, patterns, and accessories. How about a bracelet or a colorful pocket square?

Casual Fridays

Even guys who love dressing up appreciate Casual Fridays. Enjoy creating simple, relaxed, and super comfy looks by pairing your Polo with jeans and a hoodie or corduroy trousers and a cardigan. 

Because this is a casual look, you can feel free and not tuck in your shirt, as well as play around with more exciting colors and prints. 

We love retro Polos that remind us of the 70s and all the fun of that decade! 

You can also wear it with a denim or a leather jacket and finish your look with your most comfortable sneakers! 

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