4 Common Jewelry Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We all love a good shopping trip online or “in real life” now and then, but do you ever buy something just to realize that it’s not anything that you’d actually wear? Embarrassing.

How do you avoid these jewelry shopping mistakes so you don’t waste your money on something that totally isn’t your style? How do you ignore the allure of something shiny and new?

Take it from a seasoned over-shopper, there are a few things that you can avoid to make it easier. Keep reading for some jewelry shopping mistakes that we’ve made so you don’t have to.

1. Insta-Buying

Are you an impulse shopper? We get it. You see something shiny and new and know that you have to have it right now.

Maybe you even forget buying it until it’s at your door. Whoops.

When you see something that you want to have, make sure that you take some time, even if it’s a few hours to think about it. This will give you a better chance of buying something that you like instead of buying something because you’re impulsive.

2. Ignoring Your Budget

Let’s face it, jewelry isn’t a necessity. You have other things to pay for that are more important.

Setting and adhering to a budget for jewelry is the best way to keep your wallet safe. It will also make you pay more attention to your purchases.

Are you setting your jewelry budget for $50 this month? You’ll be more selective about the pieces that you’re buying because you’re using limited funds.

3. Not Sticking to Your Style

We all have different jewelry aesthetics. Some of us are “all rose gold all the time” while others are into natural stones and silver tones.

Check out options that are in your overall “aesthetic”. Don’t be afraid to branch out, but do so within reason.

If you’re into natural gems and stones, you may branch out to glass jewelry like Roman glass jewelry, once you know what it is. If you’re into gold, looking into different styles or tones might be within your aesthetic limits.

Branching out too much will result in buying pieces that you’ll never wear.

4. Not Reading Reviews 

Online customer reviews are key when you’re looking into buying a new piece of jewelry. This is especially true when something seems too cheap for what it is.

There’s very little metal regulation in the United States. Many products containing nickel otherwise seem safe.

Surgical steel? Nickel. White gold? You guessed it, nickel.

Reading reviews will help you know if something is irritating to the skin, if it leaves marks behind, or if it’s poor quality. These are things that you can’t see in product descriptions and photos.

Do You Make These Jewelry Shopping Mistakes? 

We’ve all made these jewelry shopping mistakes at least once. There’s no shame in that. Knowing what to avoid before you move forward with your purchase is the best way to avoid having piles of jewelry that go unworn in your closet. It’ll also save you money!

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Written by nikola

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