4 Important Tips For Keeping Your Trading Cards In Mint Condition

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Trading cards and collectible cards grow in value over time. Whether you’re planning on selling them in the future or you just want to keep them for your own collection, it’s very important that you take good care of your cards all the time. The good news is that it’s easy to do.

Cards are wonderful things to collect, but what you need to keep in mind is that they are fragile, too. Without the right care and protection, your trading cards are going to be damaged in just a few weeks. Here are a few tips on how you can keep it in mint condition for as long as you want to.

Store In A Dry Place

One of the silent killers of cards is moisture. Some card collectors think that they’re storing their cards in a good place. However, it’s too late when they begin to realize that the cards are being stored in a room with high humidity. This is one of the common ways card collections get stored.

It’s very important to store it in a dry place. This can be in your attic because the constant heat from the sun guarantees that the area is always dry and warm. Alternatively, you can store it in your closet as well, but make sure to get a dehumidifier inside so that there’s no room for moisture to develop.

Make it a habit to check up on your cards from time to time as well. This lets you see if there’s moisture developing inside the storage area for it.

Buy Card Sleeves

Card sleeves are a good investment for any card collector. These come in various shapes and sizes and can protect cards of all types. Aside from scratch, water, and moisture protection, card sleeves can also make sure that your cards are in perfect shape and form.

Another upside to card sleeves is that they can also be customized to fit your style and needs. Some custom options allow you to add your own print at the back of the sleeve to give your collection better style. This is a good way to protect your cards while giving them a fresh new look all at once.

When picking a card sleeve, size and material are very important. Make sure that your cards are a tight fit to the cards so that protection is at its best. As for material, most card collectors prefer matte as it offers the perfect balance between style and protection for your cards.

Get A Binder

Alternatively, if you think you’re going to show off your collection regularly, then you should consider getting a binder instead. High-end binders are more expensive than card sleeves. However, you’ll be able to display your cards easier while giving them good protection at the same time.

Binders are also easy to store. The problem though is that they can be too space-consuming in some cases. There are some binders that are smaller, but these can hold fewer cards, of course. Some card owners only put their most prized cards inside binders because of this.

A downside to binders is that there aren’t a low that can fit cards that have sleeves. This means your cards might be vulnerable to damage while taking them out of the binder. As such, it’s suggested that you be very careful when looking at your collection from time to time.

Avoid Touching It From Time To Time

It can be very tempting to go over your cards and to marvel at your collection. However, this is often a surefire way to get your cards ruined over time. Although trading cards are meant to be held and looked at, they aren’t built to be in mint condition for a long time.

If you really can’t help but marvel at your collection, make sure to get card sleeves, binders, or even a top loader for your cards. Some card collectors go the extra mile by wearing gloves before handling their cards. This isn’t really a bad idea if you want to keep your collection in the best condition possible.

If you’re confident about not having sweaty hands and heavy fingers, then you shouldn’t worry too much about damaging your cards through handling.

As we’ve said, trading cards can become very valuable over time. However, their value will only increase if their condition remains pristine. It’s not usually enough to have a good card collection, as being caring for your cards is a necessity. All this effort will be worthwhile in the end.

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