5 Remedies for Sleep Apnea That Work

Sleep apnea is a condition that can seriously affect and damage your life. Those who suffer from untreated sleep apnea will confirm that their life is terrible and sleep apnea has proven so detrimental to their health that they are no longer the person that they once remembered being. Sleep apnea is a restrictive condition that essentially prevents you from being able to breath when you sleep, and so, you will wake up frequently in the night, breathless and unable to catch your breath. Our breathing is a subconscious effort and we put little thought into it, yet with sleep apnea, our body restricts our breathing and we have to then control our breathing. Here are seven remedies for sleep apnea.

A Sleep Apnea Pillow

Sleep apnea pillows are fantastic. By getting these pillows you will find that they can seriously improve your overall sleep and stop your breathing from being restricted. They work to improve your posture so that when you sleep you do not sleep at an angle that is unhealthy and prevents you from breathing properly. Very often the reason those who suffer from sleep apnea do suffer from sleep apnea is because of the angle at which they sleep and that they put pressure on their lungs and restrict their overall breathing.

Your Fitness

Improve your fitness. Obesity is one of the main causes for sleep apnea, and those who suffer from sleep apnea are far more likely to be obese than not. Obesity is a disease, despite what people may tell you, so if you suffer from obesity and sleep apnea, reducing your periods of inactivity and improving your overall fitness can be a great way to defeat sleep apnea, and after a little exercise and with a little weight lost, you will feel ten times better.

Use a Humidifier

Dry air can seriously restrict the quality of the air and dry out your airways and lungs and leave you virtually unable to breath. By using a humidifier you will find that your breathing becomes much better, and you will find the moist air will be a lot easier for you to cope with. For those who suffer from sleep apnea, dry air can be terrible, and can really hurt them and restrict their breathing and bring their oxygen level down to very unsafe levels. Invest in a humidifier, it will really help.

Do Not Smoke or Drink

Alcohol and nicotine combined can wreak havoc on your body. The amount of people who smoke and drink, isolated and combined, is astronomical. A good percentage of the entire Earth smokes and drinks, and you will find that smoking and drinking in combination can be a terrible, terrible combination, and you can seriously hurt yourself and your body. In recent years there has been a huge initiative to bring down the amount of people that smoke recreationally, if you can call it that, and it has for a large part worked. Most cigarette companies in the world now include images of what smoking can do to your body on their packages and this has brought down the overall amount of people who actually smoke and thereby reduced the number of sleep apnea cases. Sleep apnea can be caused by alcohol and cigarettes directly and has been proven to worsen if those who suffer from it continue to smoke and drink. The only way to successfully reduce your sleep apnea symptoms, if you are a smoker and a drinker, is to stop smoking and drinking, simply.

It can be difficult to stop smoking and drinking, especially if you have grown dependent on them over the years, but there are many addiction centres set up to help you. If you are struggling to cope with addiction you should attend a centre immediately.

By continuing to smoke with sleep apnea your symptoms will become significantly worse and you may even end up with COPD.

Change the Angle You Sleep At

The way you sleep can have a big effect, as mentioned earlier, on your quality of sleep. Sleeping at uncomfortable and unhealthy angles and in unhealthy positions can have a very big effect on the quality of your sleep. You will find that sleeping at unhealthy angles will seriously reduce your quality of sleep and possibly damage your health in ways you could not imagine. The way you sleep is very important, so consult a sleep expert and see if they can give you advice on what would be good sleep posturing for you.

If you suffer from sleep apnea it is very important you see a doctor, as the condition can drastically worsen, and quite rapidly, without treatment.

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