5 Safety Tips For New York Travel

New York City is huge. That’s a known fact. Still, it’s common that new visitors get overwhelmed by the city’s vastness. Its diverse culture, cuisines, and people, everything make traveling (or living) in New York city a unique experience. 

If you’re going to New York for the first time, friendly advisors might have already warned you about the chaos awaiting you. You might even be aware that the immensely crowded touristy areas in NYC have a pretty high rate of petty crimes.

But now that you’ve landed on our page, you can put the amateur worries to rest. We have compiled this exclusive list of tips to keep you safe and secure in Gotham City.

1. Follow the Traffic Rules

New York city traffic has bad reputation. The streets are always buzzing with vehicles and people. Car accidents are also a pretty common occurrence.  

Whether you’re visiting a friend or out for a vacation, you’d probably be spending a lot of time facing the tune of New York’s traffic. Needless to say, road safety should be your priority at all times. 

If you’re touring the city on foot, get yourself familiar with the traffic rules for pedestrians. Never cross the street when the signal isn’t green. Most drivers in New York won’t slow down just to give you a pass. 

2. Protect Your Possessions

Stray incidences of pick-pocketing and mugging in the city are not unheard of. We hope you won’t confront any such nasty situations. But to be on the safe side, pay attention to these practical tips. 

Keep your money in a wallet and your wallet in your pocket, unless you’re in a store to shop. Hold your purse and shopping bags with a secure grip. Don’t lug your expensive camera or other valuables all around the city. 

3. Protect Yourself

You shouldn’t disregard travel complications that may come up despite all your best efforts and planning. You could fall sick while traveling or get injured in a road accident. There’s no way to preempt such unforeseen troubles, but you can always take travel insurance. Whenever possible, travel in groups. At least, you’ll have someone to take care of you in adverse situations.

If you belong to an American State that allows personal weapons, think twice before carrying a concealed weapon to New York. Rather than coming into use for your safety, it may attract the wrath of law enforcement.

4. Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

Don’t get fooled by hotels and hostels offering heavy discounts during the peak travel season. Always double-check the reviews and ratings for your accommodations. If you’re considering a homestay, you should always book from trusted sites like Airbnb. Only book a homestay if the host’s account is verified.

When you’re staying in a hostel, room-sharing, or apartment sharing; always keep your possessions locked-up. In such cases, you may be worried about the safety of your mail deliveries. If you don’t want delivery at the hostel or apartment, you can choose a package locker facility for receiving online deliveries. 

5. Tips for Local Transportation

The local trains and buses in New York can be very chaotic. So when you are using local transportation, you need to be extra careful. Getting off at the wrong stop could lead you to an unsafe locality. You may even get lost in the big city. 

Always carry the city map with you, with subway and bus routes to your hotel or hostel marked. Be alert if you’re in a crowd or if you are traveling alone at night. Never, EVER, fall asleep on a late-night trip in the subway or on the bus.

Our Final Word

New York City has all the facilities and attractions for an exciting trip. The city infrastructure supports tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re traveling alone, or with your loved ones, there’s no reason to fear. But of course, your safety is in your hands. With our tips in mind, you’re sure to have a great time in the wondrous city of New York.

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