5 Things to Know About Your First Weightlifting Competition

5 Things to Know About Your First Weightlifting Competition

The first World Weightlifting Championship took place in London in 1891. Throughout history, various categories have been introduced, and many more changed. The demands that help to prepare for your first weightlifting competition have changed over the years as well.

Starting Correctly

To progress in training and grow with your tasks, you need good preparation and planning. Preparation is an important stage on the way to the goal, and it should include, for example, a balance between loading and unloading phases. This is where a coach and a program, such as a 12-week weightlifting routine from, could come into play. A coach can plan the preparation, control your technical execution, and, ideally, support you with experience.

Take Care

If you want to enjoy weightlifting in the long term, you should pay attention to the correct technique. This not only makes it easier to lift but also reduces the risk of injury. If problems do occur, it is better to adapt the training way or even take a break.

Use the Right Equipment

Weightlifting shoes are extremely important not only because of the small elevation in the heels but mainly because of the stability. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive stuff, but weightlifting should at least be mentioned in their product description. Tights also give you better contact with the barbell. The shirt is less important. It might be tight or wide, whatever you decide.


Know what movements (like the snatch and/or clean and jerk) are performed in the competition you are interested in, how many attempts an athlete has for each exercise, what helps to form the final total, etc.

Understand Sporting Challenges in the Competition

Training and competition create a multitude of sporting challenges. For example, a weightlifter must not only pull and push for the individual score but also react in different ways to changes in the course of the competition, cooperate in team competitions, and be able to understand and implement the coach’s corrections.

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