5 Things to Look for When Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys

When you choose an attorney to best represent you in a case, you find one that’s best for you. This is especially true if it involves your personal injury case, and when appropriate compensation at stake. Hiring lawyers for your specific case is indeed a good decision. It provides you with the expertise and support needed in getting the settlement you deserve for the damages you’ve acquired.

While choosing and hiring an attorney can be through recommendations and word of mouth, you must still consider a lot of things when hiring a personal injury attorney. You wouldn’t want your personal injury attorney to fumble around and mess up your case.

Hence, below are the five things you should look for when hiring a personal injury attorney. 

The Lawyer’s Practice Area

The first thing to consider in choosing the right attorney is the specific area or area of law they practiced. One should have dedicated ample time to the practice of their choosing. This way, you’ll be assured that the lawyer you’ve chosen would be fit to represent you in court and fight for your rights.

Therefore, for personal injury cases, choose the right personal injury attorney that has spent years in practice representing clients. Consider looking for one that handled a situation similar to yours. 

However, choose an attorney that’s in the same state and city as you for convenience. If you’re located in Houston, Texas, find a personal injury attorney within the city. But if you’re from Duluth, Georgia, reach out for the services of Duluth personal injury lawyers for your case. Keep in mind, your attorney should be licensed to practice in the state where you suit will be heard.

Wherever you are, a firm that you’re eyeing on should have an attorney with the specific area of practice particular to your case. Interview the attorney to assess your case before committing to their services. That way, you’ll be able to see how they’ll represent you. 

Ratings of the Attorneys On The Top Review Sites

Checking for the ratings of the attorneys you’re eyeing on top review sites is a must. Do this even before finally deciding who you want to interview. It’s helpful to check their former clients’ reviews to ensure that they give the best for every case.

Experience and Expertise

Get a better insight into the experience and expertise of the attorney you’re planning to hire. Consider interviewing them by asking appropriate questions regarding their approach to cases such as yours. The way they answer will be telling of how good they are in the field.

Moreover, ask about their insight about your case. If you think the lawyer is not fit to represent you due to their answers, opt to look for another lawyer.

Process Implemented

Be upfront in asking how a lawyer will handle your case to achieve a desirable outcome. Find out how they will take the case. Will the lawyer try to settle with the insurance company first? Or will they immediately stand trial before the judge and the court? 

Moreover, consider the style of communication that the attorney has. They must include you in every move they’re planning to make instead of being spontaneous. Above all, the way they handle your case must have your best interests in mind.

Legal Fees

Legal fees are one of the things you should consider when hiring a personal injury attorney. Most personal injury attorneys do not receive payment for the work until the legal case is settled, and compensation is received. Ask about their percentage of the compensation for their services. Moreover, inquire about charges for extra legal fees.

However, there are attorneys that charge at an hourly rate. Some even higher cuts for the different cases they’ve handled. Ask about them about these charges. Make sure you’re comfortable with the payment structure. 

Usually, an attorney will present you with a document that explains their fee structure. You must sign an agreement stating that no hidden fees will be paid once the case is won. But be prepared for other legal costs that can be involved in your case. 

These costs will be deducted from your settlement, which includes obtaining copies of medical records, copies of police reports, fees charged by the expert witnesses, court filing fees, postage, payment for the investigators, and more. 

The extra costs can be extremely high in lengthy cases. Moreover, almost sixty-percent of the settlement goes to the attorney’s fees. The rest will also go to paying for the legal service costs. 

Thus, hiring a personal injury attorney involves understanding how the lawyer deducts their pay from the settlement before or after the legal costs are paid. Thus, before hiring a lawyer, you must consider their payment option. Make sure that you’re comfortable with how you’re paying for their services. 


Hiring a lawyer is no easy task. You must safeguard your legal rights without putting your compensation at risk due to an unreliable lawyer. Pursuing compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained wouldn’t be a hassle with the right lawyer at your side. Above all, always trust your instinct when hiring a personal injury attorney to receive a good legal representation.

Written by George K.

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