5 Tips for Picking the Right Eyelash Extensions

When you’re buying anything related to fashion, you need it to look good and feel good too. That’s because it’s not just about Instagram or your friends, you should feel more confident and empowered as well. 

That’s why, picking the right accessories is crucial. With eyelashes, you need to consider the quality of the products because they will be very close to your eyes and the last thing you want is something happening to your eyes.

But other than quality, here are some things you should consider when you are picking professional eyelash extensions.

Pick The Right Length

Among the biggest problems with picking the right eyelashes is the length of the lashes. Many buyers go for extremely long lengths when their natural lashes are much shorter. 

Before buying, consider your natural size and pick a complimenting length. Longer lashes may fall more quickly and just look unnatural. 

Also, avoid lashes with the same length or blunt edges. They don’t look that great for regular wear, but you could wear them to a retro-themed party.

Choose The Right Thickness

Lashes also come in different thickness levels. While most people prefer thinner lashes, some prefer to go towards the thicker end of the spectrum because it suits their style and their natural lashes. 

If you decide to go with thicker lash extensions, you should keep in mind that they may not curl as well and could fall prematurely.

For the right fit, you should first take a look at your natural lash thickness and then find a complementary pair for your eyes. 

Find A Clear Band

When you’re looking at the right professional lash extension supplies in Australia, you will probably see that the lashes are on a thin black or clear band. Most people go for the black band because it looks like you applied some thin eyeliner. 

However, it can be difficult to get the line just right when you’re applying it. That doesn’t look good. 

That is why, you should think about getting lash extensions with a clear band. This way, you won’t have to worry about the band lining perfectly. Even if it’s a little messy, no one will know.  

Get The Essentials

If you’re thinking about regularly using your new pair of eyelash extensions, then you need to buy some supplies to go with the lashes.

You might need to buy some eyelash glue, under-eye pads, tweezers, clean swabs, and a lash holder, among other things. The most important one being the eyelash glue. 

But before you go out to buy some glue, you should check if you’re sensitive to latex or not. If you are, then you might want to stay clear of some lash glue products and go for latex-free glue. 

Try Different Colors

Like hair extensions and wigs, lash extensions also come in a lot of different colors. While many people go for regular black eyelashes, you could look into shades of brown or grey as well. If you’re feeling a little more fun, you could look into all kinds of colors for your new pair of lash extensions. 

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