6 Fastest Ways to Download Music Online

Being online every second of the day isn’t always an option. Sometimes, we’re somewhere with a bad network, and other times we turn off our mobile internet to take a break from the world. That doesn’t mean we want a break from music, though. If you’re stranded on an off-the-grid island and you want to listen to your favorite album for the 100th time before the battery runs out, there are ways you could do just that. 

According to expert observation from TopSpyingApps streaming services have grown popular, but you can only stream when you’re online. Luckily, there are different ways to download music to listen to when offline. 

Here are 6 ways to download music online, fast and simple. 

1. Streaming Services

Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, and Napster all have a download option. It’s easy and simple to download a song or an album from a streaming service and then listen to them when you’re offline. You just have to be a premium user. The only downside is that you can’t save the music to your music library; you have to listen through the app.

Although you have to pay to be a premium user, there’s usually a free trial so you can try the service first. Most of the free trials are for 30 days, but some of them offer up to 4 months. Afterward, there’s a subscription fee. Most of them work on all platforms like Android, iOS, Macs, Windows, and Web browsers. 

2. Video to MP3 downloaders

There are many websites that offer this service. You copy the link of a music video or a song video, paste, and then download it through a youtube downloader of your choice. There are several youtube downloaders you can choose from like websites, apps, and software. This method is fast and you can choose the quality and format of the songs you’re downloading. Remember that you’re downloading the songs for your offline personal use; distributing them infringes copyrights and is against the law. 

3. Youtube Music Premium

Yes, you can download music through Youtube Music. You can have anything from official singles and albums to live performances and covers downloaded for offline use. When you sign up, there’s a free trial, and then you have to pay a monthly subscription. One of the great features that come with Youtube Music is that you can easily switch between videos and audio. You can also still listen when the screen is locked, unlike the original Youtube app. Additionally, you can search for songs by lyrics, which is a cool feature. 

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4. Websites

Many websites offer the service of downloading music legally. There’s Jamendo, Bandcamp, Amazon, Soundcloud, SoundClick, and Audiomack. They all have different features that make them special. In Bandcamp, for one, you can increase the price you pay for the song to support the artists. Audiomack is also a streaming Service, mostly for hip-hop and electronic music. Both Audiomack and Soundcloud don’t offer a download for every song, it depends on the choice of the artist. Most of these websites either let you stream the music or just preview it. 

5. Online Music Stores

These are stores made specifically for downloading music like iTunes and some cheaper alternatives like 7digital. iTunes has its own format, which is different from MP3, but it should work on every music player. Itunes is known to have performance issues on Windows, though, like lagging and consuming a lot of RAM. However, it works fine on Apple platforms. 7digital has an advantage that If you’re a musician, you can use it to sell your music easily. 

6. NoiseTrade

We added NoiseTrade to a category of its own because it’s different from the other ways of downloading. At NoiseTrade, artists who are less known offer their music for free, or for a fee if you want to support them. The platform is nice as it divides artists according to style and genre. When you click on an artist, you also discover who they sound like. It’s a great option for people who would like to discover and support artists who need it the most. 

You can pick any way that is convenient for you to download your music and have it offline. Streaming apps are fast but aren’t without their disadvantages. There’s always video downloaders where you can pick any video from Youtube and turn it into an audio. Youtube Music has the option to search by lyrics which is new and pretty cool. There are also many websites that offer different features and different options. If you like discovering and supporting new artists, NoiseTrade is a great idea.

Written by Jordan

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