6 Life-Saving Tips for Beginner Campers

Most of us live such chaotic lives in the city, it can be exhausting to us physically and mentally – the sound of cars constantly honking, the fast-paced individuals that seem to be late for important meetings all the time, and the non-stop routine that seems to not change.

We all must get some time away from this routine and escape the chaos in order to feel recharged and mentally sane. Of course, you can simply travel to a quieter city or go to the beach for a few days, however, there is no more relaxing place than being in nature. This is why so many people choose to go camping as a break away from their quotidian life. 

Camping is certainly not for everyone, but if you are willing to give it a go you may see that there are many benefits and may be something you are into after all. Although camping is not necessarily dangerous, there are some risks to this activity, particularly if you are fairly new to this. 

In this article, we will provide you with six life-saving tips for beginner campers.

   1. Start Local

If you want to start camping, it is important that you do not start off by going to a faraway place that you do not know at all. It can be very tempting to go somewhere exotic that has more to offer to your experience, although this is not smart as you may struggle to get used to such a big difference. For the very first time, you should try to stay as local as possible, so that you can leave should anything go wrong or should you simply just not enjoy yourself.

   2. Know The Area

It doesn’t matter where you aim to go camping, it is vital that you do your own research once you have selected the area you want to go to. This is important because there may be different risks that you are not aware of, and this can mean you will be prepared to deal with these or simply avoid the area complexly. Some camping sites are highly populated and well secured, but others not so much. If you do not have any survival skills yet, you may opt to go where there are more people so that you can call for help if needed.

   3. Announce Your Arrival

Once you arrive at your camping site, you must sign in with the appropriate authority. Usually, you would do this at your arrival. This is so that those in charge of the security of the camping site know that you are there and they can occasionally check on you. Evidently, if you choose to go to the middle of nature where there is no regulated camping site, make sure that you tell someone back home where you are exactly and check in with them regularly. If something ever goes wrong and you do not make contact, this person should be able to call for help for you.

   4. Be Safe When Sleeping

In the middle of nature, night time is usually the scariest part of the whole experience. This is mainly because it is dark and human beings seem to believe that everything can happen when there is no light. Although some people want to be fully in touch with nature and choose to sleep outdoors in a sleeping bag, this may not be the best idea if there is wildlife around or even other people. You can’t protect yourself if you are in a deep sleep state outside. You can still get the most of your camping experience whilst sleeping in spacious tents. This way you will have a comfortable night and you will also feel secure and have your privacy during the night.

   5. Pack Smart

You should make sure you bring essential items with you when camping – some of these include a torch, enough water, a map, a first aid kit, headlamp, food and sunscreen, bug repellent, and enough clothes. It does not matter how hot you think it is during the day, in nature, temperatures tend to drop significantly during the night, therefore make sure you have enough warm clothes to keep you warm through the night.

   6. Don’t Travel Alone

The most obvious tip is for you to not travel alone, particularly when you are a beginner. Not only will you have more fun if you bring someone else, but you are also more likely to survive if you have someone else you can rely on.

6 Life-Saving Tips for Beginner Campers

Camping can be an amazing and exciting experience, but it is important to be prepared as a beginner, otherwise, your time away could turn into a nightmare. Make sure to follow the tips above in order to increase your chances of survival when camping. 

Written by George K.

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