6 of the Best Instruments For Beginners

6 of the Best Instruments For Beginners

Have you always wanted to learn to play an instrument but have been too intimidated to get started? Well, all it takes is picking the right instrument, and you’ll find it is never too late.

You don’t have to jump into the organ or accordion either! Start simple, and you’ll be surprised how fast you begin making music.

Here are 6 instruments that are easy for beginners to pick up but offer a lifetime of musical exploration.

1. Drums

One of the most fun options for a new instrument, drums are easy to get the hang of. Whether you have the best drum set for you — whether it’s brand new or an old hand-me-down kit — drums will get you understanding rhythm and tempo in no time.

You don’t need snares, cymbals, and kick drums at first. Even just starting with a hand drum or bongo will teach you a variety of beats.

But remember — drums are loud so let the neighbors know before you start banging away!

2. Piano

Arguably the most famous instrument, you probably already know someone who has a keyboard or piano that can help you get started. The piano will teach you the whole gambit of music theory. Learning scales on a piano will help you understand notation and get your hands used to new positions.

The possibilities with a piano are endless. Composition often starts at a piano, so if you want to build out whole songs, understanding the piano is a helpful first step.

3. Acoustic Guitar

Guitars come in all shapes and sizes, and it is easy to find something comfortable that you won’t mind tinkering with for hours. The guitar is extremely popular and once you master a few chords, everyone will be asking you to break out your skills at parties. Some people start with the electric guitar, especially those that are a fan of the rock or metal genre. If you are one of those, then you could consider an entry-level electric guitar. You won’t go wrong with that amp.

Once you get a handle on the guitar you’ll be ready to check out the bass, ukulele, and even mandolin if you’re feeling adventurous.

4. Trumpet

This brass instrument can take some getting used to. Just learning how to blow in a reed can be tough. But with only three valves, the trumpet is a great introduction to the world of brass instruments.

For kids looking to learn the trumpet, small plastic versions are easy to start with (instead of handing a child an expensive brass one), and this is a smart way to test out the trumpet before making a big commitment.

5. Recorder

The recorder is so easy to play, it is usually a requirement in grade school. Without any formal lessons, you can make real progress. You can pick up a cheap, plastic recorder in the morning and be playing scales in the evening.

But don’t underestimate the recorder as a child’s toy. For over 500 years the recorder has been an essential part of any orchestra. Once you grasp the recorder you can try other woodwinds like the clarinet or flute.

6. Violin

While guidance is definitely recommended for this fretless string instrument, it is by no means a prerequisite. People have been playing the fiddle with no formal training for years!

In just a short period you’ll be able to produce beautiful sustained notes, and after more experience, you can experiment in ways you never expected. Try out the violin before picking up a bigger string instrument like a cello, viola, or double bass.

Challenge Yourself

Even the simplest instruments will present challenges. But the satisfaction from overcoming them and making music you are proud of is worth it every time.

Playing an instrument helps your mental and physical acuity, so do your body a favor and try something new!

Written by George K.

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