6 Reasons for Daily Self-Massage


Self-massage will help improve your appearance, tone your body and lose weight. Thanks to massage exercises, blood supply to muscles and skin is restored and normalized, metabolism is accelerated, the body relaxes, fatigue goes away and mood improves. By learning how to self-massage the body, you will save not only your time, but also money.

If we compare the effectiveness of self-massage and massage performed by a professional massage therapist, such as in Armonia SPA salons, the latter, of course, wins. Nothing can replace the hands of a true master. But not everyone can visit massage parlors regularly, for various reasons. Anyone can learn self-massage techniques and perform the procedure on their own.

6 Important Reasons to do Self-Massage at Home

Self-massage has a myriad of benefits, the most popular mean that sell-massage:

  • relaxes tight muscles, discomfort goes away
  • improves blood microcirculation in cells, which means increases its elasticity and tone, ensures the prevention of cellulite
  • helps to cheer up, gives strength and energy, saves from the blues
  • helps strengthen muscles
  • relieves insomnia
  • helps maintain beauty and youth

And most importantly, massage, like any beauty procedure, is a manifestation of love for yourself and your body, time that you can devote only to yourself and your feelings.

The ideal time for a massage is 15-20 minutes, but you can start with less, the main thing is regularity. If you have very little time, do at least a five-minute self-massage of the collar area – your neck and back, tired of sedentary work in the office, will already be grateful.

To improve gliding, add any natural oil, for example, peach oil – it is hypoallergenic and suitable even for sensitive skin. If you want to pay attention to problem areas, use the anti-cellulite massage oil. Apply a small amount of oil to your legs, thighs, and stomach (this is convenient to do using a dispenser) and rub with massage movements. The complex of oils will help reduce the “orange peel” effect, tighten and smooth the skin, giving it elasticity.

How to do self-massage?

The most popular option for self-massage is to do it with your hands. Do it along massage lines (direction of lymph movement), from the periphery of the body to the center. Take your time, all movements should be soft, smooth and pleasant, you can use stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration (tapping), and circular movements.

You can also use special massagers though – natural bristle brushes and jars (be careful with them to avoid bruises).

Thus, the effect of warming massage oil for firmness and slimness of the body will be much more pronounced if you use even the simplest manual massager!

Keep in mind that not only oil mixtures are suitable for massage, but also special creams and gels– the main thing is that they are not absorbed instantly.

To get rid of extra centimeters, we offer this scheme, but it takes a little more time than just a massage.

Steam your skin in the shower, and then use a sugar body scrub to exfoliate the top stratum corneum of the skin – this will allow the active components of the massage cream to penetrate the skin without interference and increase the effect of the procedure.

Next, apply a slimming gel to clean skin and massage as usual. As a rule, such products contain elastin, caffeine and red pepper extract, perfectly restore skin elasticity and have a lymphatic drainage effect, starting the process of fat breakdown.


It should be remembered that in case of some diseases, massage is unacceptable without consulting a doctor. It is better to refrain from the procedure if you have a high temperature, tumors, wounds, or bleeding.

You should not do self-massage if you have acute feverish conditions, acute inflammatory processes, the presence of ulcers on any part of the body, skin diseases (eczema, furunculosis, lichen, inflammation of the superficial lymphatic vessels, skin rash), damage or severe irritation of the skin, inflammation and thrombosis of the veins , large varicose veins.

You should not perform massage in areas where moles and various tumors are located.

It is not recommended to massage the abdomen if there is a hernia, during menstruation, or immediately after eating.

If swelling appears in the lymph nodes (groin area, popliteal fossa, armpit), you should refrain from self-massage and consult a doctor.

Wrap up! 

We always recommend taking time to love yourself, and massage is an integral part of this love. It is ideal if you can take the time to visit top salons like Armonia SPA, where a variety of massage and beauty services are provided.

But self-massage is also a noble cause.

Start doing self-massage from today – we are sure you will enjoy the process, and you will introduce it into your weekly self-care ritual. Coco Chanel said that by the age of 50 we have the body and face we deserve. Take care of your beauty, work on it, and you will maintain youth and health for a long time.

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