6 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Surfing

Not that many activities offer such a significant number of benefits in such various fields like surfing does. Basically, it allows you to practice mindfulness while also gaining physical benefits – and doing so in some of the most beautiful settings on the planet. The benefits of surfing are seemingly endless, but we haven’t convinced you yet; stick around because, in this article, we have outlined some of the major perks that come with grabbing a board and hitting the waves. 

 1. Do you like working out? – Surfing is a full-body exercise!

Considering the main aspects when it comes to the technique used for surfing, you need to keep your legs in such a position that your quads and glutes are activated continuously, calves as well. Your core strength (so, the abdominal region and your back) plays a significant role in keeping your balance high while surfing too! All of that being said – surfing is going to make you work for your muscle groups and get stronger, and it is hence a great alternative to a regular exercise.

 2. You won’t believe how fun it is until you try it

In case if you aren’t a fitness enthusiast, don’t get discouraged about the workout part of surfing – the probability is high that you won’t even notice that you are actually exercising since surfing is just extremely fun. Even choosing the equipment is a really fun part since the level of customization when it comes to boards, suits, and everything in between is an area to be explored for itself. The folks over at specialize in customized equipment and say that image is half the fun. And when it comes to surfing, from all the fun, you will have at the beach and the beauty of the sea and the crashing waves to feeling them underneath you as you ride them – it’s such a captivating feeling that can’t be explained well enough. So, you need to try it for yourself!

 3. It teaches you patience

The thing is, you need to be aware that you won’t be able to ride waves the first time that you try surfing, especially if you don’t have anyone to guide you through the basics. Like any new sport or activity, it takes some time to learn the how’s and why’s, but be patient, and you’ll get there. So, even though getting good takes a while, the moments when you hit a milestone, like standing up for the first time or mastering a new move, for instance, it will be extremely rewarding.

 4. The social aspect of surfing

Even though it can be a solo activity, surfing is also a great way to have fun with your family and friends, especially if you are a beginner. Learning how to surf with your loved ones is truly an experience that creates special bonds. Also, if you like meeting new people, you can consider attending a surf camp. They offer group surf classes where you get to train with experienced surfers and have fun while creating new friendships.

 5. Surfing is a great way to connect with nature

If you are a nature lover, you are going to enjoy surfing on a whole different level. From the one of a kind look at the ocean, while riding the waves to the sensation of actually moving with the water, you will gain a unique new perspective and respect for it. That perspective applies to both personal lives and pretty much the wellbeing of the world. Surfers have respect for the ocean and the rest of the planet regarding pollution because they rely on the tides and hence can see the effects of pollution first-hand.

 6. It’s a great excuse to travel more

There are so many different locations that are great for surfing, and if getting to them means traveling more and exploring the world, that makes it even better. And, let’s be real, no one really needs the excuse to travel. You just need the opportunity – so, if you do, go for it! Not only will you be able to see many beautiful places, sunsets, and coasts, but you will get to meet a range of different people with similar interests as well. All in all – traveling can only be way more fun when you have plans to do something you’re passionate about.

6 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Surfing

In the end, surfing can be many things depending on what you like the most about it, but all of it can be summed up to an overall great hobby that is fulfilling both for the mind and for the body. All of that being said, you should definitely try it – there is literally nothing you can lose, and so much that you can gain.

Written by George K.

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