6 Tips For Saving On Your Electricity Bill

Take a quick look around your house, do all the lights necessarily have to be on? The air conditioner in the guest room with no one in it is part of the reason your bill keeps going up. A lot of money goes into the electricity bill. Most families spend more than a thousand dollars per year on electricity. 

Having electricity can be cheaper than it is for you right now if you’re doing the right things. When you reduce or tweak your usage of electricity, the bill will go lower. These are 6 quick tips on how to save on your electricity bill. 

  1. Use Natural Light and Energy Saving Bulbs 

Especially in the daytime, you can leave the windows open and turn off the bulbs and fluorescent. Not only does natural light help save costs, but it is also healthy for your skin and the plants in your home. When a bulb isn’t in use, turn the switch off as it can save about 11% on your bill. 

The bulbs which are mostly used in your home should be replaced with energy-saving LED lights. You can also get compact fluorescent, this way your house is properly lit up at night and the bill doesn’t go up. When you’re leaving your house in the morning, ensure that all bulbs are switched off. You can also install a dimmer, this reduces wattage and saves energy. 

  2. Keep Appliances Properly Sealed

Make sure the fridge is properly sealed or closed. When the fridge is partly closed, energy is being wasted. This also applies to the oven, microwave, and other home appliances that require electricity. If these appliances are not in use, it is best to put them off as it saves energy. 

When the fridge is opened, the energy drops, and it requires electricity to boost its temperature, the same as other electrical appliances. Once you are done grabbing that snack from the fridge, close it properly. The same goes for the oven and other appliances. 

  3. Replace Your Electric Stove

Electric stoves consume a lot of energy which leads to higher bills over time. You can get a great alternative like a pellet stove to save some money. The team behind explained how easy it is to clean a pellet stove. It’s very easy to use, cost-effective, great for the environment and will save a lot of electricity. 

  4. Call the Auditing Expert 

Requesting for an electricity audit should be a monthly or yearly thing. Source out a company and have their auditing expert check the electricity usage in your home. When this is done, they would check for air leakages, your insulation and run other tests around the house to help reduce the usage of electricity in your home. 

Most companies run this service for free. There are online auditing tools and apps which you can try if you’re handy with things like that. Watch how your bill will lower in a month or less. 

  5. Program the Thermostat

When the thermostat is down, the bill goes down too. It can be a struggle to turn off the thermostat in the morning and have it on again at night. The best solution is to get a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat lets you use it even when you’re not at home. 

If you have left home without turning off the thermostat, all you have to do is tap a button and worry less about the cost. Get a thermostat that uses geofencing as it can dictate when you are home and adjust the temperature of the thermostat. It saves about 10% of the electricity bill. 

  6. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not a good replacement for air conditioners. They do not consume a lot of energy and even when the doors are open, you can still have them on unlike the air conditioner. When the air has risen to the ceiling of your home, the ceiling fan can help circulate and this is best during the summer. 

Ceiling fans not only save energy but also keep the home cool at all times. Using a ceiling fan costs little or nothing, and you have it on for hours without worrying about the electricity bill. It also augments the air conditioning. 

6 Tips For Saving On Your Electricity Bill

Your electricity bills don’t have to be so much every month, especially if you don’t live in a big house with a large family. Don’t be scared to try out our tips and ask for discounts and incentives on your electricity bill. We are certain you will see a huge difference in no time.

Written by George K.

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