6 Tips to Make Your Coffee Habit Healthy

6 Tips to Make Your Coffee Habit Healthy

Coffee is a beverage many people look forward to having every morning. All over the world, most adults enjoy drinking coffee in various forms and tastes. So, if you are a fan of coffee, you must be enjoying a cup or two as well daily or your habit is different, and maybe you have more. However, how do you make sure that your coffee habit is healthy for you? First, you need to ensure you have healthy coffee and you can read more on the Super Coffee Blog on the same. If you worry about your coffee habit is becoming less healthy for you. Here are tips to make your coffee habit healthy.

  • Avoid drinking late in the day 

Coffee saves the day if you need a booster to keep you up for the afternoon. Because the stimulant in it will help you stay active as it gives you a jolt of energy. However, as you drink it past 4 p.m. the stimulant will turn against you and interfere with your sleep, causing poor sleep and insomnia leading to further health issues. For this reason, it is best to avoid drinking coffee late in the day, that is after 3 p.m. Since past this, there will be no enough time for the effects to be out of your system before bedtime.

  • Use organic coffee beans 

Coffee trees and beans are sprayed with chemicals to keep them away from pests. The pesticides are not intended for consumption as it is harmful to the body. However, the beans will absorb all of them as they are sprayed. Thus, it is best if you are in the habit of drinking coffee you purchase organic coffee beans for a healthier choice. Not only will they keep you from the hazardous effects but the chemical substances are lower.

  • Don’t make coffee as your only breakfast 

You might be running late in the morning and your cup of coffee is the only thing you take with you like your breakfast. If your day always starts in a rush, this will then become a habit. Coffee suppresses your appetite as it is a stimulant and so you will feel fine even though it is the only thing you had as breakfast. Also, studies show drinking coffee on an empty stomach erases any benefits you get and can cause health problems. Thus, have a meal as you enjoy your cup of coffee or start with a smoothie in the morning and you can have your coffee to go.

  • Brew your coffee using a paper filter 

If you are in the habit of brewing your coffee, you are getting closer to a healthier coffee habit. All you need is your organic coffee beans, your coffee press, and paper filters. Using the reusable filters makes it more efficient, but they have cafestol which is a substance that can raise your cholesterol levels. While the paper filter, will not only lower the risk of cafestol but keep the beneficial substances at their top quality. So use paper filters to brew your coffee and make your coffee habit healthier.

  • Cut the sugar 

To get the healthier side of your coffee is to keep it black. Although it can be bitter, with time you will learn to enjoy it. Thus, to make it a healthy habit, cut the sugar and any kind of sweeteners off. Sugar will just turn your coffee into a cup of calories that can lead to diabetes and obesity. If you cannot do without sugar, use natural sweeteners like agave, stevia, or coconut sugar. In addition to this, you can spice it up by adding cinnamon, hazelnut oil, lemon, and other spices you would prefer.

  • Opt for almond milk 

For your coffee add-ins, you can use almond milk if you like thicker coffee. Almond milk is healthy and gives a velvety smoothness to go well with your coffee. This should not be just for vegans or those who are allergic or intolerant to milk. Also, compared to artificial creamers it’s the best option as it is low in calories. You can have your almond milk homemade and enjoy an almond milk latte daily if you like.

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