7 Reasons Why Investing in a New Garage Door is an Excellent Idea

The garage can include as much as 30% of the facade of a home, so upgrading it is the best, relatively cost-efficient way to boost your home’s curb appeal. A good-looking house indicates you will get a higher return on investment if you decide to put it on sale. 

Since your garage is such a massive part of your property, it is essential to keep it protected. Many modern and new garage doors come with additional safety features. You can match it with a new garage door opener, and you will feel at ease, knowing that your entire family- not to mention your vehicles and other stuff- are safe and secured. 

As garage door experts who have worked for many years providing homes and businesses find the right garage door, we can think of many reasons a new garage door is an excellent investment. You can visit our website for garage door options and services. 

Yet, sometimes a new garage door is not your top priority. And, we know it, as long as it does its job, people do not pay too much attention to them. As a homeowner, you should be paying attention to your garage door. It is one of the largest moving parts of your house. 

Below, we have gathered a list and narrowed it to the top seven reasons you investing in a new garage door is an excellent idea. When you notice these annoyances, it is probably time to replace your old garage door with a new one.  

1. You keep getting your garage door repaired. 

If you are investing a considerable amount of cash in repairing your garage door, it is typically a good idea to replace it. While a new and modern garage door is a significant investment, this blog post suggests it is one of the three home items to invest in and could earn around 91% of return on investment. Although a new garage door might look like a tremendous investment, when you look at the brighter picture, it is worth it. On average, new garage doors will cost around $1,650- which is just 0.7% of a new home costing about $250,000. Therefore, if you keep getting your garage door repaired, you better have a new garage door. It will also improve your home’s curb appeal. 

2. You keep having your garage door repainted. 

If you are spending a lot of time repainting your garage door to cover up rust and flaky paint, you should consider having an upgraded garage door. After all, we are sure there are many things you would like to spend your money and time with, aside from keeping your garage door repainted. These days, most steel garage doors have weather-resistant baked-on paint that needs little to no maintenance. Ask about the galvanization utilized and how many coats of paint they applied. 

3. The garage door looks ugly. 

If you are considering selling your home, you are probably doing everything to boost its curb appeal. A garage door takes up to 30% of the facade of your home, so you want your garage door to appear good-looking and attractive. If now, it looks like an ugly thumb or sore, it is maybe time to replace it. Many styles and models are available nowadays, and you can even add decorations that compliment your front door. Any realtor agent will tell you; that your property will sell faster if the garage door looks appealing and attractive. 

4. Your garage door is difficult to lift and lower down. 

You must be able to lift your garage door one-handed, so if you are working hard to open it, the garage door is likely too heavy or not well-balanced. You may also notice it is uneven. If this happens, calling in an emergency garage door repair service should be your first move. Well-balanced garage doors weigh about 8 to 10 lbs. While your electric garage door opener can lift about 250 lbs., it is only supposed to change human strength, so if it is struggling to open a heavy garage door, it might bring down with just as much force and could lead to injuries. 

5. You have a faulty garage door opener. 

If you keep jumping out of your car to open the garage door in the rain manually since your garage door opener is defective, it is time to install a new system. Since 1993, electric garage door openers have been furnished with rolling codes providing two automatic reversal systems and added protection. You can operate electric garage door openers using a smartphone. You can close and open your garage door anywhere you are. 

6. You feel cold inside your garage. 

If you spend most of your time inside your garage and often feel chilly, your garage door is not weatherproofed and well-insulated. A well-insulated garage door will keep your garage cozy and warm. You can DIY this project for your comfort and convenience. 

7. Your garage door is too noisy. 

There is nothing worse than hearing grinding and scraping noises that your garage door opening system makes. The good news is you can easily detect the sounds, and most of them are nothing serious. The bad news is it could be a sign of something worse and could pose a risk to your family. The best action is to contact garage door specialists for maintenance and tune-up services. 

Is your family ready to invest in a new garage door?

If you have any inquiries about the problems mentioned above, give Family Christian Doors a call now. We will be more than glad to reply to all your concerns and inquiries. Our garage door technician will assess your garage door situation. 

If you want to purchase a new garage door, send us a message for an estimated quotation. We have many options available for you. Call us now. 

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