7 Sustainable Gift Ideas For Christmas

Turn the song ‘Dreaming of a green Christmas’ into reality with sustainable gifts for your loved ones and our beloved planet earth. Christmas gifting brings a lot of joy and pressure as well. How to make your gift worthwhile and keep everyone happy is a big hurdle everybody faces. Especially if you are an environmentalist who cares about the environment. The consumerism that we see during the holiday season is appalling. It makes it difficult to think of sustainable gift options that are good for nature as well as your family and friends. 

All the people who love and support eco-friendly products find themselves struggling during the holiday season. Are there any good sustainable gifts worth gifting on Christmas? They wonder. A gift that is useful, cool, and also sustainable, does that even exist? It may seem daunting initially but we have good news. It may not be as difficult as you may think it is to find a sustainable gift for Christmas. These 7 sustainable gift ideas for Christmas have a variety of gift options that everybody will like and appreciate. Be it a plantable pencil or things made out of recycled matter, there is something unique and cool for everyone. 

Plantable Pencils 

Teach them young about the importance of sustainability and caring for nature. This is a good gift idea for children who love to draw and create art. Plantable color pencils from Sprout can be used for coloring and when it becomes short to use, simply plant it and see it grow. Kids will love this gift and learn something too. These pencils are available on Amazon for $17. You can try out other brands too. 

Reusable Cup 

Looking for something that is useful, looks uber cool, and is sustainable? Gift this Stojo reusable cup to that coffee lover in your life. It is made from silicone. It is collapsible so you can pop it in your pocket or purse. This cup also comes with a sleeve and a straw. Such a thoughtful gift will make anyone happy. You can find this cup at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20. 

Gift Box of Sustainable Products 

Alltrue’s subscription box has all the sustainable products in a gift box. Gift this to your friends or family to make them aware that being eco-friendly does not mean boring. This box has a variety of goodies from skincare to homecare and everything is sustainable. These products encourage engagement with the community and support women. This box also has a magazine guide with DIYs and tips on how to start living sustainably. 

Cloud Comforter 

Gift this Cloud Comforter to a friend who loves to sleep in and keep themselves cozy. This is a nice sustainable gift idea as this comforter is hypoallergenic and cozy. You will be surprised to know what it is made from. Made from recycled bottles of water. It keeps around 50 water bottles away from the landfills per comforter. The comforter is so soft that you will never know what it is made of. Check out Buffy’s Cloud Comforter on Amazon, available for $155. 

Self-Care Kit 

Gift this Coco Rose Hydration Trio by Herbivore to your friends and let them indulge in some self-care during the hectic holiday season to relax and rejuvenate. This product is made with natural ingredients that are ethically sourced and are completely sustainable. This kit is priced at $39. 

Soap Gift Set 

Everybody loves fragrant soaps and investing in warm showers during the chilly Christmas season. This soap gift set from, Sweet Blends Soap Gift Soap is amazingly fragrant and sustainable too. All the materials used in making these soaps are ethically sourced and even the production is done in a sustainable manner. It has fragrances like rhubarb-strawberry and red clover that make it more likable. This gift set is available for $45. 

Denim Towel 

Sounds interesting right? This denim towel bundle is made from recycled denim which is why it has a lovely blue hue. The recycled denim is clubbed together with Lyocell which is a fabric that is sustainable and durable. Lyocell is made from the cellulose of natural wood. 

Final Word 

Take inspiration from the 7 sustainable gift ideas for Christmas and give your loved ones the joy of giving back to nature. Taking some burden off nature is also giving back in a way. Sustainability is the way to go while purchasing gifts, sharing your love for the planet with everyone will encourage others to choose eco-friendly over mass products that destroy the environment. 

Written by Abhishek

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