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7 Tips on Buying Wholesale Loose Diamonds in Dallas

Opting for wholesale diamonds can save you some bucks compared to when you buy from retail stores. 

Know more about wholesale loose diamonds in Dallas, TX and you will be able to find an affordable diamond yet of high quality. Buying diamonds requires knowledge, time and effort, since they are pricey then it will be advantageous for you to get familiar with diamonds before shopping. This way you can know what to look forward to and what are the things you need to prepare apart from your budget of course. Here are 7 tips on buying wholesale loose diamonds in Dallas to help you as you shop for diamonds. 

1. Be Familiar with the 4cs of Diamond

Even before going to the store, you should have done your research on diamonds. Diamonds have a lot of attributes you have to be familiar with before seeing one. This is because you can spot diamonds that you desire easier if you know about them. Start with the 4cs of diamonds. Color is the first C, diamonds may look colorless but they have shades and it is good to know which one can be ideal for your jewelry. Colorless diamonds are expensive and rare so going for nearly colorless can be a good choice. The colors of diamonds are graded according to letters and grades G to H can be an ideal choice since they are the closest to colorless ones. For the second C, this refers to Clarity. The clarity of the diamond is graded according to the inclusions it possesses, inclusions are flaws. The more flawless the better however take note that flawless diamonds are rare and expensive too. So opting for clarity diamonds with Slight inclusions can still be good as long as the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye and not too many. Third C is Cut, getting excellent cut diamonds matters a lot since this can affect the durability and quality of your diamond. Lastly the carat weight of a diamond. Diamonds are priced per carat, so you have to determine how many carats can your budget afford then work in that budget. 

2. Deal with a Trusted Diamond Dealer

When buying diamonds knowing whom to buy from is a big factor in the quality of diamond you can get. Dealing with legit diamond dealers can also give you a legit diamond. So before selecting where you buy, check on their background and check on feedback from previous customers. In that way, you can have an idea of the authenticity of their products. 

3. Determine your Setting for your Diamond

Buying diamonds separately with the settings can be cheaper. So you can buy wholesale diamonds and then have the setting made separately. Plus doing this can help you have a more personalized diamond setting since you can have it customized. Knowing what setting you desire for your diamonds makes the process easier and your jeweler can give you an accurate cost or vice versa, you can give your budget and they can offer a setting that matches your budget. 

4. Keep Away from Trendy Diamonds

If you want a more affordable diamond then don’t go with the trend since in-demand diamonds are more pricey. Choosing a diamond shape for instance that is not too popular can save you some bucks and yet still get a good shape of diamonds and even a unique one. In-demand diamonds can make your diamond typical and identical to others, choosing a diamond that is off the trend can make it more special. 

5. Check on Certifications 

Every diamond sold should come with a certification otherwise the authenticity is questionable. So make sure to ask about the certifications of the diamonds you want to buy. If the seller is transparent in showing your certification then it is a good sign.  

6. Set a Budget

Setting a budget can make your shopping more convenient and less hassle. Since you can choose within your budget rather than checking in a wide variety of diamonds that are available in the shop. 

7. Made Up your Mind

Once you have seen all the options make sure to decide which one is the best choice. Comparing prices and options is good, however, you have to weigh things and be able to decide in a short time so your effort will not go to waste. Plus give a timeframe for you to choose your diamond to make sure you will be able to buy that diamond before the event. For instance, in buying diamonds for an engagement ring, make sure to have enough time to have that engagement ring ready on that day. 

Hope these 7 tips on buying wholesale loose diamonds in Dallas can help you get the diamonds you desire. 

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