8 Essential Vitamins for a Healthy Body

It is no secret that a balanced diet is a way forward to better health. They are the things that keep our bodies functioning as they should, support proper growth of bones and muscles, make skin clear and healthy, and protect our immune systems from viruses and other types of illness. Therefore, it stands to reason that everyone should know about the essential vitamins every human needs to function. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be found in oranges, citrus fruit, strawberries, tomatoes, and cruciferous vegetables. The main reasons we need vitamin C in our diet are:

  • Healthy skin
  • Bone growth and maintenance
  • White blood cell health

Without it, humans can suffer from scurvy, which causes gum problems, general tiredness, chronic pain, and an inability to heal from open wounds. 


Calcium can be found in dairy products, especially milk. The main reasons we need calcium are:

  • Bone health
  • Teeth maintenance
  • Muscle strength
  • Nail and hair growth

With a lack of calcium in a diet, nails will break more easily, hair will be brittle, bones will be weak, and there will be a general sense of tiredness. 

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 deficiencies are extremely easy to spot. They cause dizziness, sickness, short temper, exhaustion, pins and needles, headaches, irregular heartbeat, and muscle weakness. So, the symptom list is long, and vitamin B-12 is very important for combatting all these issues. It has a vital role in brain function and memory retention also, alongside affecting the digestive systems. It is most naturally found in meat products and, therefore, vegan lifestyle followers are more likely to become a victim of deficiency symptoms. It can thankfully also be found in a range of cereals, nuts, and dairy, so there are options for vegetarians and vegans. 


We need magnesium for a multitude of reasons. 

  1. Muscle growth
  2. Cognitive function
  3. Managing anxiety symptoms
  4. Healthy heart
  5. Managing blood pressure
  6. Preventing diabetes
  7. Energy levels

These are seven vital reasons to ensure that magnesium is included in your diet. It has significant benefits in the fight against anxiety, as it is highly compatible with the calming receptors in the brain. This means that feelings of calm and relaxation are made more possible. This also leads to better sleep, which is also essential for combatting anxiety. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is another essential ingredient for well-being. It interacts with calcium to support healthy bones, teeth, gums, hair, nails, and skin alongside muscles and heart health too. Rickets in children is a disease that occurs through a lack of vitamin D in the body, and it is characterised by poor bone health and general brittleness. For the best foods to provide this nutrient, consider including more fish, yoghurt, cereal, and eggs in your diet. 


Zinc is more of a minor mineral than a key vitamin player, but that does not detract from its importance. It is one of the best ways to support healthy skin and reduce acne breakouts. Much like vitamin C, zinc supports cell growth and general DNA development, and injury recovery. You can find zinc in grain products, milk, red meat, and chicken alongside chickpeas and nuts. A diet without zinc leads to acne, hair falling out, vision issues, and brittle nails. 

Vitamin E

If you are lacking in Vitamin E, there is a high chance you will have pins and needles, general numbness, weak and painful muscles and joints, a lessened skin quality more prone to breakouts, breakage, puffiness, and redness. Lots of skincare products have Vitamin E as a focus ingredient because of all the amazing qualities it brings to the table, so if your skin is suffering, try to find a vitamin E cleanser or moisturiser to add to your routine. 


Iron can be found most commonly in red meat food sources, but it is also in kidney beans, nuts, cereals, and certain types of dry fruit. Iron deficiency can lead to anaemia, which is a condition that needs addressing quickly. If you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Unusual paleness
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Dizziness and fainting
  • Coldness on the hands or feet

It could be owing to a lack of iron. You may also notice it is harder to breathe and you get palpitations as well. The first port of call should be blood tests to determine the iron levels – and if you are suddenly craving metal, get it checked out straight away!

Ways to Get Vitamins into a Diet

If you are a picky eater, there are still lots of viable solutions to make sure your body is getting what it needs in terms of essential nutrient components. Read on to find out some of the best ways you can incorporate vitamins into a routine. 


One method to make sure you get everything you need is to try shakes filled with essential vitamins like these ones from Shake That Weight. Not only do they make healthy drinks and weight loss shakes to incorporate into a balanced diet and curb unnecessary snacking, but they also make products that contain every vitamin mentioned on this list. Shakes are great for weight loss goals as well as a meal replacement in a busy day.

Fruit and Vegetables

Aside from tasty shakes, fruit and vegetables are also a great method. Different types of fruits and vegetables contain different styles of vitamins and minerals. If you are lacking in a particular substance, it is best to research the vitamin and link it back to a food type to get the right solution. 


Supplements are physical tablet-style vitamins that can be ingested orally. A daily multivitamin tends to contain all the necessary ingredients. These can be sourced from most supermarkets, chemists, and health shops. They can even be obtained on prescription if a health condition is caused by a lack of a certain something. 

Red Meat, Chicken, and Fish

Meat generally, though it should not be consumed in excessive amounts, contains very important minerals, proteins, and vitamins. When included in a diet in sensible amounts complemented by green vegetables and other healthy foods, it can be a valuable asset to any health journey. Red meat is particularly useful for getting a source of zinc and vitamin B alongside essential iron. Fish has omega 3, which is one of the best things out there for improving cognitive function. There are too many advantages to choose from.  


We have already discussed how dairy is the best source of calcium, and aside from a calcium vitamin tablet, there really is no better way. Establishing a simple routine such as a glass of milk every day can improve calcium levels enough to maintain proper health. 


Everyone needs to observe the above discussed items into their diet – without them a whole range of health problems can occur. Remember, if you are experiencing an issue such as tiredness, skin problems, rashes, or dizziness there is a good chance a lack of something is behind it. So, the first action should be to get everything investigated by a medical professional who will be able to give you the best advice and guidance to move forward. General wellbeing is supported, nurtured, and developed through a balanced and correct diet, and there is no skirting around this fact! 

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