8 Famous Companies That Were Founded By College Students

College is a time when we are at our best and strive to perform better with each passing day. We had all heard how Bill Gates was just a college student when he created Microsoft. If you are a college student thinking about starting your own little business and need motivation, you have come to the right place. We look at a few business for college students that were created by famous people in college.

Best Companies for College Students

It is never easy to follow the path of your desires and dreams, but it is your commitment in the eyes of adversity that makes the impossible possible. Want to learn more about how some of the very famous countries in the world were founded by some very bright and intellectual college students? Read on to know about some founders of famous companies.

Harvard University famous students

1. Paul Allen and Bill Gates: Microsoft

Bill Gates is one of the Harvard university famous students. Bill Gates & Paul Allen were the co-founders of the Microsoft enterprise, a billion-dollar company that everyone on the globe knows. The idea of Microsoft germinated in their minds while they were both in high school.

 Bill gates then proceeded to join Harvard but dropped out after only a year. They had to struggle for a couple of years before they achieved success when they licensed the MS-DOS in 1981 to IBM.

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2. Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook

We all use Facebook, and even if we don’t, we have heard about it and have many friends who use it. Facebook, a business for college students, was built by another one of Harvard university famous students.

Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard undergrad when he built Facebook as a way to help college students stay connected with each other. This little idea led to the creation of a billion-dollar enterprise just a few years later. Even today, the Facebook Company is expanding and growing.

8 Famous Companies That Were Founded By College Students

Founders of Famous Companies

3. David Filo and Jerry Yang: Yahoo

Filo and Yang are also one of the founders of famous companies. Davis Filo and Jerry Yang were both students at Stanford when they created Yahoo in 1995. This was 3 years before Google was launched. These two geniuses started Yahoo so that they would have a directory of their favorite websites. Even though the platform had to struggle for a couple of years, it is one of the biggest websites to date.

4. Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman: Reddit

Another good example of the best companies for college students is Reddit. In 2005, two grad students from the University created Reddit as a news site. Even though they struggled in terms of funding, in the beginning, we can all see the heights of success Reddit has achieved today.

5. Matt Mullenweg: WordPress

More than 130,000 websites are hosted by WordPress as of today. This awesome Content Management System was created by Matt Mullenweg, a student at Houston University, in partnership with Michael Valdrig and Mike Little.

6. Sergey Brin and Larry Page: Google

Google is everywhere in our lives. Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google in 1998. Between their studies, they found it tough to manage the start-up and even tried to sell Google to Excite for a mere 1 million dollars. Fortunately for them, Excite didn’t accept their offer and look where Google is today!

8 Famous Companies That Were Founded By College Students

7. Henry Luce and Britton Hadden: Time Magazine

Time was launched in 1923 and was the first US weekly news magazine. Henry Luce and Britton Hadden were two brilliant young men from Yale, and now Time Magazine is one the largest weekly news magazine in the whole world.

8. Michael Dell: Dell

Another one of the famous people in college who created a big start-up was Michael Dell. Michael Dell was a student at the University of Texas when he created Dell in 1984. He struggled financially at first, but his family helped him out, and he dropped out of college to pursue his passion. Dell is now a world-renowned manufacturer of PCs and parts all over the world today.

Business for college students

Instead of finding a big idea and going chasing after it, you should look deep within yourself to find that passion of yours, which drives you more than anything. Look at the various founders of famous companies and get inspiration from them.

It is not going to be easy, but trust us, it will definitely be worth it to see your dreams come true after a long, arduous journey.

Most of the famous people in college that we have listed above faced several challenges when they tried to follow their passions and pursue their dreams of creating the best companies for college students. There was one thing that the founders of famous companies had in common: perseverance. All you need to do is to stick to your goals, and one day you will achieve what it is that you desire. 


Written by George K.

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