9 Easy Ways To Get Sick Less

No one likes to stay home for a week due to sickness; it would interfere with their daily tasks and work. Thus, following a healthy lifestyle, a good dietary system, and strengthening your immune system are important, now, more than ever especially with the spread of the new Coronavirus. In this guide, we provide you with 9 easy ways that you can adopt, to do just that. 

1. Sugar Intake

It’s very tempting to eat as much sugar as you desire without having to monitor your sugar intake. Unfortunately, you’ll have to rethink that strategy and start controlling how much sugar your body absorbs, especially during the flu season. Sugar prevents white blood cells from combating bacteria and viruses efficiently. According to the American Health Association (AHA), men can consume a maximum of 150 calories per day, while women can eat a maximum of 100 calories per day.

2. Sufficient Sleep

Due to our hectic lifestyle, it is hard to get sufficient sleep. Most people don’t understand how lack of sleep can affect our productivity in the short and long-term. By not getting enough REM sleep you will prevent your immune system from fully recovering and your hormones from reaching their normal levels; hence, your body won’t be able to fight infections properly. You should at least have 6 hours of sleep, but the ideal time is 7 to 8 hours.

3. Exercise

Doing a moderate amount of exercise should indeed boost your immune system’s efficiency; however, if you push yourself too hard, during exercise, your body will be in a vulnerable state and your immune system will be weak against bacteria and viruses. That doesn’t mean that exercise is bad for you, but exerting all your body’s energy while in a weakened state can compromise your health greatly. 

4. Maintain a Safe Distance from Sick People

It’s not easy to miss on this one, especially with everyone following the COVID-19 precautions. But, it is still important to highlight the importance of this step, even if individuals don’t exhibit any symptoms of the disease. Washing your hands regularly and not touching your face are other measures to take to avoid getting the Coronavirus, as well as other viruses.

5. Don’t Share Food with Others

Food lovers will have a valid excuse for not sharing their food, with this tip. But, the reason behind why you should refrain from passing snacks or drinks to your friends at a party is to avoid passing along germs as well. This is one of the reasons why people catch the flu during the cold season. 

6. Hydration

While keeping your body hydrated won’t necessarily strengthen your immune system, it will be important for your health. Being dehydrated means suffering from headaches, digestion problems, and reduced focus and productivity. All of these factors can make you susceptible to diseases or even cause long term health issues. So, you will have to drink water, tea, and any type of juice you like, to stay hydrated.

7. Stop Smoking

Smoking is known to damage the lungs and paralyzes the cilia in your nose, leading to an increase in infection. There are many smokers who are trying to quit this habit, while a small percentage of smokers succeed in achieving this goal, the majority still struggle to stop. Fortunately, varenicline, or Chantix pills, can help heavy smokers, who struggle more than regular smokers, to quit. The benefits of this drug, as compared to opting for another option that has nicotine, can be seen if you browse this page, which will provide you with more information and where to purchase it from at the lowest cost. Chantix pills are nicotine-free; thus, you won’t have to substitute your nicotine intake with smaller dosages. 

8. Support Your Immune System

Nutritions, especially the ones that you get from fruits and vegetables, should be capable of supporting your immune system. It goes without saying that maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is one of the main factors behind being healthy. But, if it’s hard to stick to a fixed regime, you can eat whatever you want, but ensure to add vegetables and fruits to your daily meals. 

9. Fresh Air

Fresh air is becoming harder to come by, due to the multiple pollutants contaminating the air. Even if we try to reduce our exposure to polluted air by spending most of our time indoors, pollen particles, dust, and mites still make their way into your house and cause allergic reactions. To avoid that, you will have to maintain the cleanliness of your house and invest in an air purifier.

It is difficult to avoid getting sick these days, especially since anyone you make contact with can be infected without them realizing it. This is why we need to take precautionary methods to avoid getting sick in general. The aforementioned tips should help you, but being consistent with safety measures is the key factor in staying healthy.

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