Aesthetic Dental Treatments for Adults: Invisalign, Orthodontics, and More

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry is on the rise. More and more people are on the lookout for ways to restore or improve their smile. The majority of adults believe that a beautiful smile is an important social asset and that an unattractive one could potentially inhibit career success. There are many different types of cosmetic dentistry treatments. Although cosmetic dentistry procedures tend to be elective rather than essential, there are many treatments that also offer restorative benefits. Cosmetic dentistry procedures range from fairly simply to more complex requiring specialized care. If you are looking for an aesthetic dental treatment, then the following types of aesthetic dental treatments will give you an idea of your possible options.

  1. Invisalign

One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments for adults is Invisalign. It is a custom-made aligner which is interchanged about every 2 weeks for up to 18 months or more depending on the extent of misalignment. An Invisalign aligner is similar to a dental or mouth retainer. It is designed to keep your teeth in their place. The Invisalign aligner is used as orthodontic treatment. It is a technique that helps properly align your teeth in order for you to achieve a beautiful smile. The reason why an Invisalign aligner is extremely effective is because of the fact that it is normally computer-generated from an impression of a mold of the patient’s teeth. Each patient has a unique fitting.

  1. Orthodontics

Orthodontics is another popular branch of dentistry that focuses on the correction of the jaws and teeth which are in an improper position. Crooked teeth or teeth which do not correctly fit together and are difficult to keep clean are at a higher risk of tooth decay or periodontal disease. This causes extra stress on your muscle muscles which could potentially lead to back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, TMJ syndrome, and headaches. Furthermore, teeth that are not in the right place or are crooked also detract your appearance. There are many benefits of seeking orthodontic treatment such as longer-lasting teeth, an aesthetic smile, and a healthier mouth, amongst others. An orthodontist is a specialist who receives extra education after dental school in order to practice in the said profession.

  1. Inlays & Outlays

Inlays and outlays are also commonly referred to as indirect fillings. These are made at the dental laboratory. They are used when your tooth suffers from moderate or mild decay and when there is a lack of sufficient tooth structure to provide support for a filling. However, there should be no damage to the tooth cusps. The inlay gets placed onto the tooth surface directly. Outlays are used when there is a greater portion of the tooth which has been damaged.

  1. Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is another popular aesthetic dental treatment for adults. It is used for the repair of damaged, decayed teeth, or for discolored teeth. Materials that resemble the color of your tooth enamel are used for composite bonding. In order for the dental treatment to be successful, the dentist has to first drill out the tooth decay. Then, the composite is applied onto the surface of the tooth. After this, the tooth is sculpted into the right shape before it is cured using a high-intensity light. 

This procedure is used for treating damaged teeth and for providing the appearance of having a healthy tooth in its place. A great thing about composite bonding is the fact that it is one of the least expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures out there. It is vital for patients that have worn-down edges, cracked or chipped teeth, and tooth decays.

  1. Teeth Whitening

Known for being one of the most basic dental procedures out there, teeth bleaching or teeth whitening is performed at the dentist’s clinic. In order for teeth whitening to be done, your teeth have to be thoroughly cleaned for tar, plaque, and other debris to be removed. The teeth whitening procedure helps restore the natural appearance of your teeth. Teeth tend to become worn and stained from personal habits like smoking, medication, drinks, and food habits. This is why it is crucial to opt for a teeth whitening procedure to restore the natural appearance of teeth.

  1. Implants

Although dental implants are normally considered to be a restorative procedure, they are also considered as an aesthetic dental treatment. Dental implants are necessary for tooth replacement. A small titanium screw is inserted by the dentist into your jaw near the missing tooth. Thus, dental implants help improve your smile by providing you an equal set of teeth.

These are just some of the treatments that you can get to enhance your smile. If you’d like to know other options, it’s best to visit dental experts like this dentist who does dentures in Charlotte or one near you.

Written by Jordan

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