Are Matched Betting Ireland Strategies The New Meta Of Sports Wagering?

In 2023, the approach of matching one’s free wagers has become incredibly popular, and there are multiple reasons for that. Almost all the punters who engage in matched betting Ireland strategies are extremely happy with the results, and consider it to be the new meta for sports wagering. For those who are not familiar with the approach, it is important to learn its benefits before opting-in.

Why Is It So Beneficial?

There are multiple reasons behind the continuously increasing popularity of matched betting Ireland strategies. It is worth looking at each advantage separately to be fully informed of various aspects of this style of sports wagering. It will be especially valuable for beginners who have not tried the method yet.

A Strategy With No Risk

Firstly and most importantly, matched wagering is getting huge because it’s risk-free. The strategy allows the users to cash-out their free bets, or at least portions of their free bets, without having to risk the bonus funds. If a free wager received in one sportsbook is placed on a market with odds that are higher than 2.0, and it is matched with a similar wager on the opposite outcome in another sportsbook, it enables the player to eliminate all the risk associated with the process of using a free bet.

Unlike arbitrage wagering strategies, matched betting Ireland methods are not applicable to any competition at any time. The approach was created specifically for redeeming free bets, so the punters won’t be able to use the method every day. They will always be limited to the number of free wagers they can receive in a sportsbook. Nevertheless, most users consider it a nice way to redeem their freebies without having to put them at risk.

A Method With No Repercussions

Even though the method might seem illegal, it is not actually forbidden by the sports wagering platforms. Even if it was, it would be incredibly hard for them to detect the intent of the player: from their perspective, the user is simply using their free bet on one of the supported events.

In the case of arbitrage wagering, the accounts of the punters who engage in it get limited or suspended all the time. This makes this method stand out, as it is risk-free in these terms too. Of course, there is a chance to get marked on a platform where the wager is matched, but it is never the case for the sportsbook where the free bet is used.

A Partial Elimination Of Rollover Requirements

Another advantage of matched betting Ireland strategies is related to the bonus terms for the promotions in the sportsbook. The vast majority of sports wagering platforms have some rollover requirements for their promotions including free bet deals. This implies that after making the free bet, the player won’t be able to redeem the winnings instantly: they will have to place some bets with the funds they won first. This rule can be easily found in the Bonus Terms of any sportsbook.

While the matched wagering method does not completely eliminate the rollover requirements from the equation, it grants a decent chance of not having to meet them. The secret here is in the second wager placed on a different sportsbook. It is a regular bet with no rollover requirements associated with it. In case such a wager wins and the free bet does not, the user won’t need to roll the sum over.

On top of that, it is possible to use the matched wagering strategy again after the free prediction wins. The punter can simply place the funds on a different game and match the wager once more. It will of course decrease the total amount of winnings from the free bet, but is still a legitimate way to redeem at least a portion of the promotion with no risk.

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