Beautiful Places To Consider For Your Next Holiday To Greece

If you’re planning your next trip to Greece, you need to prepare well because it’s a remarkable historical place. Greece is a country of beautiful cities, stunning architecture, history, incredible islands, and incredible food. Therefore, there is much to see, so don’t visit one place only. You can start your journey in Athens and continue through the various memorable places in Greece. Yet, if you’re a bit indecisive about what to visit on your next holiday to Greece, follow the article for some interesting ideas.

Visit Its Islands

Before you set off on your journey to Greece, explore more about this country and choose the places according to your preferences. For instance, if you like islands that are archaeologically rich, you can find that in Crete. Still, pay attention to the weather in Crete because May and June are the best months to go on vacation there. Besides, this place is full of interesting historic sites, so it’s an island where a lot of tourists come every year. Also, this island looks impressive because of its incredible coastline, sandy beaches, and beautiful landscape. For all these reasons, it should definitely be on your bucket list for your next vacation.


You can’t visit Greece without seeing this historical and beautiful city. Athens is a significant place because of the synthesis of ancient and modern, tradition and trend, so you can expect surprises in every corner of this city. Apart from its historic significance, Athens has various cozy cafes and restaurants where you can eat the most delicious Greek dishes, and there are many cultural places you must see. Many tourists say that Athens is the cosmopolitan heart of Greece, so you must see and enjoy it at least once in your life.

Stunning Santorini

One of the most famous places in Greece is definitely Santorini Island, placed in the Aegean Sea and known for its memorable coastline. It’s full of rural vineyards and white villages, so this island looks like a fairytale place. It’s also known for its sandy beaches, which seem like they’re out of this world. Furthermore, this island is not just about incredible beaches; it has significant archaeological sites and places where you can relax with brilliant food and wine. Santorini is a luxury place, so it may seem a bit costly, but it’s worth visiting for your next holiday, so don’t hesitate.

Don’t Bypass Corfu

Again, this is one of the places you shouldn’t bypass when going on vacation to Greece. This place is famous for its ornate palaces, wide, romantic beaches, and interesting architecture. While walking this island, you can feel the Byzantine and Venetian spirit, as well as modern architecture with a spectacular medieval monastery. You can spend your whole day visiting this place, and when you feel exhausted, you can jump into the Ionian Sea and enjoy a stunning shade of turquoise blue. A few places in the world look so attractive, so it’s no wonder why Corfu is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Visit Rhodes

It’s known that Rhodes was one of the world’s seven wonders, so write it down on your list for your Greek holiday. Rhodes was destroyed in an earthquake a long time ago, but the island still holds its historic significance and specific charm. If you decide to visit it, you can enjoy cozy medieval inns and various knight houses that have been preserved until today. Outside of Rhodes, there are mountain villages and towns that will captivate your attention for sure, and you’ll feel like you’re in some magical place. You can also visit various restaurants and lively bars and taste some modern magic.

Enjoy Mykonos

When somebody mentions Mykonos, the first associations are lavish yachts, private luxury parties, and jet-set crowds. Although it seems expensive and luxurious, this place isn’t reserved for the privileged. There are still a lot of affordable, cute hotels, gourmet restaurants, and peaceful corners that are untouched by the tourism industry. So when you finally decide to visit Mykonos, and when you’re tired of the bars and traditional tavernas, look for a heavenly beach where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty. Explore, and be ready for an adventure because this place is much more than what is presented in the media.

Beautiful Places To Consider For Your Next Holiday To Greece


The island of Karpathos is a perfect combination of captivating resorts, crystal-clear water, and natural beauties where you can hike and enjoy it to the fullest. This island is relatively unknown compared with Santorini and Mykonos, so visit it before it grows in popularity and draws crowds. If you love tradition, you can experience the traditional way of life in the villages, so you can connect yourself with nature and find inner peace in this beautiful place. When you decide to relax on the beach, you can do that as well. Still, if you’re a hiker, this place is right for you, for you can arrive at some secluded beaches and enjoy stunning panoramic views.

Impressive Thessaloniki

It’s Greece’s second-largest city, a place that has a lot to offer, so don’t bypass it in any case. This city has a long history, an incredible waterfront, delicious food, and vibrant nightlife. If you’re a history lover, this city is for you because you can see ancient Roman ruins, stunning Byzantine churches, and of course the White Tower, the city’s greatest symbol. Furthermore, you can enjoy traditional and modern cuisine as well as the best nightlife in Greece, according to the opinions of young people. The best way to explore Thessaloniki is to walk because you can visit significant historical places, and wonderful street markets, and learn everything about this unbelievable city.

Finally, there are many other places you can visit in Greece apart from these because it’s an incredible country that has a lot to offer. You just need to prepare and carefully organize your trip to make great experiences and memories. Don’t stay too long in one place, but rather visit more of them to enjoy all the beauties of Greece. Remember to learn several phrases in Greek and prepare yourself for life’s experiences.

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