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Best Bachelorette Party Movies to Watch With Your 

A drink in one hand and a ring in the other—should be your motto for your bachelorette because you don’t get married every day.

Since you’re going to do it only once, you have every right to have fun at the bachelorette party, and what’s a better way to spend the night than watching some bachelorette-exclusive movies with your bridesmaids?

No, there isn’t.

So, we will recommend some awesome movies that can turn your boring bachelorette night into something interesting.

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1. Sex And The City

In this movie, you’ll watch Carrie Bradshaw prepare for her dream wedding with Mr. Big, and her best friends accompany her at every step.

The fashion, the friendship; the love; and the heartbreaks—all make Sex and the City the perfect bachelorette movie to watch with your bridesmaids.

Another thing, if you’re getting married late, Carrie Bradshaw’s confident spirit will lift your spirits and help you have your head held high when you walk down the aisle.

The movie shows Carrie spending most of her honeymoon with her friends, so that’s an overboard inspirational spectrum to watch out for!

2. Bride Wars

Liv and Emma are childhood best friends who have been planning every aspect of their dream wedding for a long time.

Even they choose the same venue for their wedding: The NYC famed Plaza Hotel.

However, their wedding dates clash, and both the girls turn head-to-toe competitive to see who gets to be married at the dream destination.

Their friendship is put to the test the whole time, but they make up and be there for each other in the end. 


If this is not your goal for your bridesmaids, we don’t know what is. 

3. 13 Going On 30

Are you marrying your school sweetheart?

If YES, this movie is perfect for watching on your bachelorette night. 

When a 13-year-old Jenna can’t deal with the pressure of high school, she wishes to be a 30-year-old woman with an adjusted life. Suddenly, her wish comes true.

But, she soon discovers that adult life is not without its challenges and finds her way back to her school-life best friend, Matt Flamhaff.

When you watch it with your bridesmaids, you’ll inspire them to believe in love, strengthening your friendship even more.

4. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Michael O’Neil and Julianne Potter are childhood friends who vow to marry each other if they are single until 28.

Julianne does not end up with a special someone by the time, but O’Neil announces that he’s going to marry Kimberly, another gorgeous woman, 4 days before his 28th birthday.

Julianne soon realizes that she loves O’Neil and plans to stop the wedding by hook or crook.

However, things take a more complex turn when she becomes the maid of honor.

Watch the film to find out what happens next!

5. Runaway Bride

Getting cold feet before your wedding is something every bride faces.

But, your bridesmaids should be there to help you get the fear out of your system and marry the person you love.

Maggie Carpenter is branded as the ‘Runaway Bride’ after leaving three grooms at the altar. Local Journalist Graham goes to her hometown to document her fourth time down the aisle and is convinced that she’ll run again.

But he falls in love with this heartbreaker, and the rest is….well, you can watch it and find out.

6. Bridesmaids

Annie is a lovelorn, single woman who is the maid of honor at her best friend Lilian’s wedding.

Although Annie is not happy with the job, she finds a way to survive the strange rituals before the nuptials as the bride’s lifelong best friend.

However, the movie will teach you and your girls some valuable lessons, like you mustn’t eat spicy food before a dress trial and bridesmaids shouldn’t compete with each other.

Once you get these lessons straight, the movie will be a perfect addition to your Bachelorette night.

7. Bachelorette

Katie, Regan, and Gina plan a surprise bachelorette party for their 4th member of the group, the bride-to-be: Becky.

However, things take a different turn when the bridesmaids end up drinking a lot and staining Becky’s wedding dress.

Realizing the fact, they run out to find a replacement for their best friend.

So, this is a lesson for all of you bridesmaids out there. Do whatever you want but steer clear of the bride’s dress.

Have Fun!

Once you are over the fun part of the Bachelorette night, it’s time to relax.

So, grab a glass of wine, arrange some cushions, and watch these bachelorette movies with your bridesmaids.

We are sure that they will turn your night around and help you have the best wedding ever.

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