Best Kanye West Albums Ranked

Best Kanye West Albums Ranked

Kanye West has been in the spotlight since his journey began, he has had a string of problematic events as well but none of that has made his work dull,  recently his new album Donda came out, it is a homage to his mother late Donda West. In the honor of his new work, we in this article have systematically ranked the best of his albums. 

Best Kanye West Albums Ranked
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1. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” (2010)

This album comes right after the Taylor Swift VMA scandal where he snatched the mike from Taylor Swift’s hands and announced that Beyonce should’ve won the best music video instead. West went underground after this and was reportedly at a recording studio in Hawaii, in this album he featured artists like Nicki Minaj, Elton John, Bon Iver, Rick Ross, and many more. It has hit numbers like “Monster”, “Devil in a new dress” and the fantastical song that has aged so well; “All of the lights”. It is one of the best albums of this decade and continues to be an album that people keep going back to.

2. “Graduation” (2007)

This shouldn’t even be a surprise, every song in this album even the songs that have not done well are quite good, this is also one of his first filler free albums. For context sake, this is the album that is stronger in it. This album features artists like Coldplay, The Chainsmokers, and many more. One of the hits in this song that has done well is Homecoming followed by another hit; Something just like this. Graduation happens to be one of the most well-done albums that there is. It is the one that put Kanye on the map.

3. “The Life Of Pablo” (2016)

This one infamously talks about the taylor feud and even though it is done in bad taste, it is still a great album. This album is called the “gospel album with a lot of cussing” it is the initial stage of kanye west’s spiritual influence, the song Famous has rihanna and nina simone both. This happens to one of our favourite albums since Knaye gives us a trailer of what it’s like to view the world as a “crazy genius”. It did have a turbulent promotion and release, in spite of that the album did quite well commercially. The commercial hits being; Four Five Seconds and the niche hip hop number; Wolves, showcased a lot of consistent range that we all know Kanye is capable of.

4. “Yeezus” (2013)

This was Kanye West’s sixth album and to be honest, Yeezus is an acquired taste. It is a self-indulgent album that thrives on aggression and narcissism. This was back when Kanye West Proclaimed that he was a god. Regardless of the ridicule that Kanye went through after that the song blood on the leaves happens to be one of the best-produced songs that he has done, with a sick beat that has still not aged enough to be irrelevant kanye gave some of his best work in this album.It is also considered a postmodern album by the experts.

5. “The College Dropout” (2004)

This was Kanye’s first and his most remarkable album. It is what paved the way for everything that is kanye and happens to be one of the albums that has stood the test of time. This is an album that shook the industry to its core with brilliant songs like; Jesus walks this is what made him gain all authenticity as a producer. This album has a mix of styles and the subject matter is nothing that anyone had expected at the time. 


Donda still has mixed reviews, we wouldn’t be surprised if the album starts to do well two years from now, like we earlier mentioned Kanye West is an acquired taste, apart from his range and consistency the other similarity in all his albums is that he grows on you. Shout out to one of his greatest albums that sadly didn’t get a mention is “Watch the Throne ” this was the one with Jay Z, other than that he has been producing amazing albums on the side as well, one of the most recent being Lil Nas X- Montero. 

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