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Best New Hampshire Small Business Investment Opportunities

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Investing in a small business is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and earn extra income on the side. The New Hampshire economy continues to grow, creating many business opportunities.

Deciding which small business to invest in can be a difficult decision. You need to find a business with great growth potential, but it must also be profitable. The following are some of the best ideas for investing your hard-earned money in new or existing small businesses in New Hampshire.

Bars and Restaurants

The bar and restaurant industry is a growing market, especially in New Hampshire. There are many people working in the hospitality industry, which creates a high demand for bars and restaurants to serve them.

Many bars and restaurants fail within the first year of business due to a lack of capital. If you have enough money saved up, you can buy out an existing business or launch a new venture. Some people have been successful by offering high-quality food and drinks at a low price point.

Make sure you get small business insurance in New Hampshire which will protect you against workplace accidents, claims of professional oversights, and property damage. This way, you can focus on what matters instead of worrying about accidents and mishaps in your bar or restaurant.

Daycare Facilities

Best New Hampshire Small Business Investment Opportunities

The demand for childcare continues to rise. This is a market that appeals to nearly everyone. If you invest in a childcare facility, your business will have high demand from working parents. New Hampshire has a massive working population and this leaves many parents struggling to find affordable childcare for their children.

You can open a daycare center by yourself or with some partners. Doing it on your own makes sense if you have experience running a profitable business and have some capital saved up. Investing in a daycare center can be a lucrative business, but you will have to constantly monitor the operations.


As the tourism industry continues to grow, many business opportunities have opened up. New Hampshire is a popular destination for tourists due to its scenic landscape and historical landmarks. Many businesses have been successful in capitalizing on the emerging tourist market.

You can start a tourism-based business with just a small amount of capital by renting out vacation homes near some of the state’s most popular attractions. For example, you can give homeowners an extra source of income by renting out the houses they own near White Mountain National Forest.

You will need to do some research to determine which tourist hotspots are best for your business. You should also learn about the laws regarding short-term vacation rentals before launching your new venture.

Convenience Stores

The convenience store industry continues to grow due to high population growth and rising household incomes. This is a competitive market, but you can set yourself apart from the competition by offering a superior array of products and services.

New Hampshire has many people who commute long distances for work each day. You can capitalize on this group of consumers if you build a convenience store along a busy highway. These are the products that can sell well:

  • Cigarettes and lottery tickets,
  • Fresh coffee and hot breakfast sandwiches,
  • Soda, beer, and snacks.

Another product with high margins is ATMs. You can offer these machines to customers at a lower rate than a bank would charge. Even though the ATM fees are low, you can still earn a lot of money.

Environmental Services

The environmental services industry continues to grow due to the high demand for recycling and waste management services. This trend is good news for you because there are many ways that you can capitalize on the environmental movement.

More people are recycling because they want to do something in their day-to-day lives to make a positive impact on the environment. This means that you can start your own business in this area with little competition, but you need extensive knowledge about environmental issues. You also need experience working within strict government regulations when it comes to recycling and waste management.

Final Thoughts

New Hampshire has an excellent small business climate because the laws are friendly to entrepreneurs. It’s important for you to do your research on the industry before starting a business because some industries are more competitive than others.

Your level of experience also matters when starting a new venture, especially if it’s in an emerging market like environmental services. If you follow the tips above, you can get started with your own small business in New Hampshire. With hard work and dedication, you can start turning a profit in just a few months.

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