Best Sources of Protein for a Vegan

Best Sources of Protein for a Vegan

Vegans often face a challenge when it comes to incorporating protein into their diet. It is a myth that vegans do not have enough protein sources and are physically weak because of the lack of proteins. You don’t have to worry about consuming enough protein because we have curated a list of the best sources of proteins for vegans that is not limited to tofu and beans.

Proteins are essential for the body’s wear and tear. They help with muscle building and strength. Even though animal protein is superior in providing the proteins, vegans worry not. Animal-based protein also provides sufficient protein for your well-being. There is no need to compromise on proteins in an animal-based diet. Vegan protein sources can nourish your body and make you healthy just like animal protein. Another good thing about vegan protein is that no animals will be hurt in the process.

Let’s take a look at the best sources of vegan protein you can get.


Soy has to top the list when it comes to plant-based proteins. Soy is available in various forms for consumption like the popular soy milk, tempeh, tofu, and edamame. You can add these to your diet to make it protein-rich. Studies suggest that soy can help in reducing damage to muscles while exercising. The isoflavones of soy are healthy for the heart. Experts suggest consuming two servings of soy food in a day. You can get 7 gms of protein from 1 cup of soy milk and as much as 17gms from half a cup of tempeh.


Best Sources of Protein for a Vegan

Seitan is made from the main protein found in wheat that is vital wheat gluten. This gives it a hearty and chewy texture that resembles the texture of meat. You can make seitan at home from vital wheat gluten and turn it into delicious meals. It is also available pre-cooked in the stores. It gives 20gms of protein from 3ounces of seitan serving.


Best Sources of Protein for a Vegan

Potatoes don’t have a good reputation in the world of healthy foods thanks to loaded potato skins and french fries. Little do people know that potatoes are a good source of protein, doesn’t mean you start hogging french fries! Russet potatoes or Idaho potatoes have 8gms of protein per potato and supply more potassium than a banana. Potatoes are also a good fiber source.

The sweet potato or red potato don’t provide as much protein but are still good enough to meet the daily requirement of protein. Mash it, bake it or roast it, potatoes taste divine in any form.

Nutritional Yeast

Don’t judge a book by its cover likewise don’t judge nutritional yeast by its name. It is also called “Nooch” lovingly in the vegan world. It is deactivated yeast that has a yellow color and tastes like cheese and umami. It is a good source of protein. Vegans usually use supplements for the B12 vitamin but nutritional yeast can provide vitamin B12 apart from protein.

2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast can give you 4grams of protein. You can add it to your popcorn, sprinkle it over pasta, or use it in dips or sauces.


Best Sources of Protein for a Vegan

Seeds are great for birds and humans too. Seeds are a good source of protein for many vegans. Add it to your diet and you will not just get protein but also fiber. Make tahini from sesame seeds or have roasted flax seeds in your bowl of oatmeal. Seeds like chia, hemp, and flax are also good sources of omega-3, plant-based fats.

Seeds are good protein sources especially for vegans who have allergies to nuts. You can also make seed butter from sunflower seeds and have it on a toast or make pudding from chia seeds. 2 tablespoons of tahini will give you 5gms of protein and 2 teaspoons of hemp seeds provide 6gms of protein.


A vegan diet can give you as much protein as an animal-based diet. There are various vegan-friendly options that are not yet explored but as more people are taking the vegan path we are becoming aware of the hidden gems. By now you know that vegan food does not lack protein. A well-balanced vegan diet can provide sufficient proteins for the maintenance and repair of your body.

Incorporate these above-mentioned best sources of protein in your vegan diet and forget your worries about getting enough proteins. Vegan protein is easily available and works wonders for your body.

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