Top 14 Best Video Editing Tools for Gaming in 2021

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Online gaming has made itself a concrete spot in the world of digitalization. With gaming interfaces constantly improving, we are also seeing an evolution in the merging of online gaming platforms into digital marketing. You must have seen many professional and experienced gamers sharing their videos on top social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. These gamers offer their best tips and tricks to the viewers to excel in gaming and advance missions.

Having a knack for gaming and using specific strategies might ensure the win. But, if you too are looking to showcase your expertise in gaming, you will need help from a dependable game video editor to steal the show. Indeed, there are many options for video editing software for gaming, but this post will let you explore only the best players in the market to edit your gaming videos!

1. Windows 10 Video Editor

This in-built video editor from Windows 10 comes with basic features to edit gaming videos. This handy editor does not require any download and is effortlessly easy to use.


  • 3D effects
  • Add text option
  • Editing and trimming options

2. EaseUs

EaseUs is a versatile game video editor that adds an edge to your videos using its extensive feature set. This comprehensive tool is easy to use and seamlessly imports your videos into any format.


  • Add title and text feature
  • Multiple formats
  • Tuning and fix color options
  • Voice over feature
  • Detach video option

3. InVideo

This game video editor suitable for both beginners and pro players, InVideo comes with a user-centric interface. This feature-loaded tool has impressive features and a wide variety of templates to help you create professional-quality and unique videos.


  • Text to video and blank template feature
  • Add music options
  • Voice overs, text addition and special effects
  • Over 2500 customizable templates for videos 

4. VSDC Video Editor

If you are looking for an efficient and feature-loaded game video editor, then VSDC is the right choice. This video editor is equipped with advanced features and a nonlinear video editing interface to let you perform editing effortlessly.


  • Many video and audio effects
  • Multiple formatting options
  • Switch motion tracking

5. Lightworks

One of the finished editors, Lightworks, is a professional quality video editor that comes with many advanced editing features. This game video editor features special effects, change frame rate, trim, cut etc. to take your videos to the next level. It lets you easily share your videos on social platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube in any format you want.


  • Basic and advanced features
  • Easy to use interface
  • Multiple file formats su[pport
  • HD resolution videos

6. Icecream Video Editor

This video editor might not feature a wide range of tools compared to the others on this list, but it has an intuitive interface that lets you perform editing with ease. Icecream video editor is a great tool to edit and combine photos and videos.


  • User friendly
  • Adjust and trim video options
  • Add transition option

7. OpenShot

A potent and free-to-use game video editor, OpenShot, is equipped with most of the features you will need to edit any kind of video. This easy-to-use video editor has 3D animation and other options to enhance your content to achieve the desired footage.


  • Free app
  • Tracking and editing options
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Desktop integration

8. iMovie

Designed for Mac, iMovie is a free-to-use video editor that comes preloaded on Mac systems. This user-oriented game video editor features numerous templates and effects that you need to edit gaming videos.


  • Easy sharing on social platforms
  • Merge, crop and split options
  • User-centric
  • iCloud and Airdrop transfer options
  • Direct sharing
  • Tailor design templates

9. Shotcut

This open-source, cross-platform game video editor is ideal for both Mac and Windows. It works with images and video to enhance your video and also supports multiple file formats for easy export.


  • Supports audio editing
  • Various audio editing features
  • Video effects
  • Display and monitoring

10. Blender

With audio and video editing abilities, Blender also has a 3D creation suite along with many other rendering and animation options. This customizable game video editor performs masking and waveform visualizations and has speed control, syncing and scrubbing features.


  • Tools specially designed for gaming videos
  • Audio mixing options
  • Slots for adding audio and video elements

11. FinalCutPro

FinalCutPro comes with various video editing options and closed captioning techniques. Ideal for customizing 3D and 2D videos, this game video editor for Mac works by distributing roles to make importing easy. With timely debugging updates and impactful media organization, this is the most advanced choice for editing game videos.


  • Magnetic Timeline feature for closed captioning
  • Color grading scheme
  • Customizable effects

12. Olive Video Editor

Olive Video Editor for Mac is a free video editor that has endless features to create superior gaming videos. It features timeline editing and music options for videos to make them stand out.


  • Trim, slice, zoom and pan options
  • Scaling and transition features
  • Free software

13. Kapwing

Add more to your gaming videos with Kapwing, a video editor that lets you create montages and add amazing effects. The Kapwing game video editor has many templates to create different styles of videos while using features like audio and video adjustments, adding subtitles etc.


  • Support for multiple languages
  • Additions like cartoonify, mobile mockup maker and motion
  • Easy-to-use
  • Free watermark removal
  • Easy to import media

14. ClipChamp

Designed to fulfill your YouTube gaming needs, ClipChamp is a free software and features customizable video templates to create high-quality gaming videos. It has professionally created templates that are bifurcated into promo and introduction video templates to let you create the best content. This video game editor works with many sites including Pinterest and Dropbox.


  • Free trial version available
  • Various audio and video templates
  • HD saving option
  • Endless video creation


If you are into gameplays and are looking for the best and most straightforward video editor to edit your gaming videos, end your search with the above-given options. These are the best-rated software for editing videos that feature a wide range of options to let you create the best content for your channel!

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