Bill Cosby Claims Innocence: What Are the Alleged Victims Saying?

Bill Cosby Claims Innocence: What Are the Alleged Victims Saying?

Despite the results of Bill Cosby’s trial, he is not an innocent man. His victims aren’t happy with the results of his trial, mostly because it seems like he’s getting away scot-free for the horrible things he did to them.

It doesn’t help Bill Cosby’s case that he’s tweeting cherry-picked comments from some of his victim to try and make himself look innocent. But what do his victims really have to say about the results of the case?

His Victims Don’t Feel Vindicated

Many of them have described his release as a slap in the face. His conviction was overturned on the basis that he’d had an immunity agreement to not have his testimony used for any charges involving Andrea Constand. She had come forward stating that Cosby had given her Benadryl and some Quaaludes to “help her relax,” and then engaged in nonconsensual sex with her. But even with a sex crimes attorney on her side, Cosby only got to spend three years in prison.

So Many Victims Yet So Little Justice

Cosby had as many as sixty women testify against him, alleging that he engaged in nonconsensual sex with them. Among them were Janice Dickinson, Beth Ferrier, and Victoria Valentino. They all felt sick to their stomach when they heard that his conviction was being overturned. Even after they had to share their awful stories with a court room full of people, thinking that it would bring them some peace in the end, they were eventually left with heartbreak when they watched Cosby leaving federal prison, knowing that he can never be retried for his crimes.

Valentino’s Response To The Matter

Victoria Valentino was very adamant about her feelings to the press when she heard Cosby’s conviction was being overturned. She asked “what is a woman’s worth?” and shared that she no longer feels safe in a world where her sexual predator gets to roam free after only spending three years in prison.

This comes after receiving plenty of phone calls when she first shared her story publicly. Other people told her that they had the same experiences involving Cosby. It even became common advice to never go to his house without eating or drinking first, or taking anything to eat or drink that was offered to them.

No Justice For Those Wronged

Many, if not all, of Cosby’s victims are angry that the system can be played and manipulated by those who have enough money and power to do so. They’ve shared that Cosby is definitely guilty for what he’s done, but still won’t face any consequences. This sets a dangerous precedent for other serial rapists and their victims who want to come forward.

Unfortunately, because of the promise made to not use his deposition, the courts had to agree to let him go because his Fifth Amendment rights were violated. Cosby stated that he only made the deposition because of the promise for his testimony to not be used, however, that promise was made nowhere in writing.

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