Book a Five-Star Hotel in Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful destination islands in Indonesia, it is a haven of tourists and adventure lovers, both foreign and local.

To cater to this large number of people visiting the island, there are numerous five-star hotels around the island. Five-star hotels in the island are as diverse as their names. They offer different services and at different prices.

Here are some of the services you can expect to get from a Bali five-star hotel.

Exemplary service

Five-star hotel Bali will provide you as its guest with exemplary service at the minimum. You will find that they have very high standards of care for their guests.

From the pick up at the airport, to the arrival at your room, you will be pampered and indulged in luxury and comfort. At meal time, you will have a sumptuous selection of meals prepared by professional chefs and served with grace and hospitality.

The rooms are beautifully and tastefully decorated. They are designed to blend in with the environment. All amenities are high quality and contemporary. 

Local and international cuisine is served in the five-star hotels.

Swimming pool

For entertainment and enjoyment, you will find that Bali five-star hotels have a swimming pool. This swimming pool are beautifully designed. The hotels ensure that you will have time to bask in the sun right next to their swimming pools. 

This you will do as you lounge on the poolside tables and beds covered with bright and beautiful umbrellas. You can also order a drink and sip it as you lie down on these beds.


This is another service that you expect to receive from the five-star hotel. Yoga in Bali is mixture of modern and traditional Hindu technique. This will ensure that you feel rejuvenated and relaxed as soon as you are through with your yoga period.


In a Bali five-star hotel, you will definitely get a well-equipped gym for you to exercise in. It is even likely that you will get a well experienced trainer to take you through lifestyle exercises in the gym.

You will find that the gym meets expected standards of any well-equipped gym from all over the world.

Private villas

Bali five-star hotels will offer their clients high end privacy. The hotel has private villas suitable for couples on honeymoon and those who need privacy. The villas come with a private swimming pool for each villa. They also have a private space where those staying in them can come outdoors and enjoy fresh air in privacy. The hotel will provide room service to all of their clients in the private villas. The villas have large windows that allow natural light in and are exquisitely and tastefully decorated.

Spa services

Further, Bali five-star hotels also provide for their guests five-star spa services. You do not have to leave the hotel for a session of a relaxing spa massage.

The service providers are completely professional and have mastered both the traditional and modern art of massage. They will also use modern and traditional oils to ensure that you will enjoy the best spa service of your life.

Every session will leave you feeling better and completely energized.

Learn how to make local cuisine

In a Bali five-star hotel, if you like, you can pay for a class to learn how to make a Balinese cuisine like a local. You will get the opportunity to visit the market and haggle for fresh ingredients that you will use for your class.

A professional chef will take you through the class and at the end, you will enjoy the meal that you made.


When you take a Bali holiday, booking a five-star hotel will help you enjoy your trip more. You will be safely ensconced in a hotel that will provide you with everything that you need in additional to professional hospitality service.

Written by Jordan

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