Cannabis Growing Tips from the Experts

Cannabis Growing Tips

Growing cannabis is a process that requires effort, time, and capital. Rather than buying from producers, it has been legalized for consumers to grow theirs in the convenience of their homes. Once suitable grooming is contributed to the plant’s growth, it becomes simple and rewarding. This article will highlight eight proven tips you could implement for top-notch cannabis buds!

What You Should Know As A First-timer

Are you a first-timer or planter going through the same difficulties while growing cannabis? Before you read on, it’s essential to know that cannabis is an exceptional plant, and it requires extra care to develop the most potent strains. Routinely checking your plants with thc potency test kit helps to measure the progress or potency. This way, you are confident of the final results when your cannabis is fully grown.

A suitable environment

Environmental preferences vary when it involves the growth of cannabis. However, whether in a small indoor space or outdoors in the field, factors like climate and humidity should always be considered.

Appropriate seed selection

This ignored starter is an essential tip for the plant’s growth as it influences the final result. Every cannabis planter has its priorities when it comes to genetic strains. While some prefer cerebral Sativa that leaves its user energized, others would give medicinal strain high in CBD a run for their money.

Adoption of the best growing medium

Just like environmental preference varies, the growing mediums for cannabis differ also. Hence, it’s expert knowledge that the best growing medium for cannabis is never limited to a single choice but includes several different options. From substrates to sowing in a pot of soil, some factors to consider are the soil’s texture, nutrients, water drainage, and retention system.

Cannabis Growing Tips from the Experts

Best grow light for indoor growing.

Although there is access to unlimited light with the growth of cannabis outdoors, indoor growing might need a close watch as the light sources just might burn or dry up the plants instead of growing them. The best indoor grow lights are full spectrum led lights which are suitable for vegetation and flowering.

Sufficient watering

Under-watering and over-watering are common mistakes planters make that restrict the proper growth of cannabis plants. Growing cannabis in a pot of soil would require comparing the pot’s weight when dry and drenched. This would tell if the pot needs more water or not. As for outdoor growth, once the suitable soil is used for growing, water can be retained more.

Implementation of plant training techniques

Training techniques like pruning and Low-stress training (LST) would do the plants a lot of good as it would reward you with fatter buds and more bud sites for productive harvesting.

Proper harvest time

Timing is of the essence when harvesting cannabis buds. Too early could limit the entire sizing and potency of the plants, while too late would degrade the potency of the plants. Harvest is near when the plant’s trichomes turn amber or brown while the other parts turn white.

Drying and curing of cannabis buds

After harvesting, drying your cannabis buds within 7-12 days is immensely important as you want to develop its scent. Although trimming can happen before drying, some planters prefer trimming after drying as it gives cannabis a better taste.

A cannabis’s growth doesn’t end just yet after drying. For cannabis, while breathing in half-filled jars with lids, place in a dry and dark environment for fast curing. The curing process can take 3-7 weeks with daily checkups and openings for the buds’ ventilation. Staying patient while drying and curing are vital steps to achieve the best plant results.

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