Choosing New Bedroom Furniture

There is nothing better than slipping into a nice clean bed, and all you can smell is fabric softener. However, a close second is the sight and smell of new furniture in your bedroom, in addition to clean bedding. Whether you are replacing a single item of furniture or buying a full new room set, Homes Direct bedroom furniture is an excellent option for anything you need. 

When choosing which bedroom furniture set to buy, you may find it overwhelming with so many choices on the market. However, it does not have to be an overwhelming task to choose your new bedroom furniture with the right steps in place to make the situation simpler.

We are here to help you make the choice simpler and easier for you to make. No matter if you are shopping for your first bedroom furniture set or just refreshing the room decor, we are here to help. 

Where to Start

When beginning to buy furniture for your bedroom, the first thing to decide is which items of furniture you wish to have in the room. You can decide this either based on the essential furniture you would like in the room, then shop for items that will fit into the dimensions of the room. Alternatively, you can begin shopping and stop when you have reached the limits of the room size. 

We prefer to shop based on the size of the room rather than specific items of furniture; this way, your bedroom will not look too cluttered once the furniture is in place. You can then look at the size of the room to decide the size of the bed and other furniture that you wish to install. This could result in the need to have certain items of furniture in other rooms to fit in everything you want to buy.

However, if you decide to shop for essential furniture, then choose sizes you are less likely to need to have your wardrobe or a chest of drawers in another room. This option is best for those who have limited space in their home. You can make a list of the furniture you will need and then look at dimensions when shopping to ensure it will all fit in the room. 

This way of shopping will mean you need to have good visualization skills to plan where each item will be in the room as you shop.

Choosing Furniture

When shopping for your furniture items, there are several avenues available to you to decide which furniture to buy. You could choose to shop based on color or material. If you already have all-white wooden furniture in your home or other bedrooms, you may wish to match this. 

Alternatively, you could choose to do each room individually, using a common color or item of decoration to tie the rooms together. If this is the case, you will make the decision on the furniture based on what you have liked when browsing. 

Next, you should decide if you would like to buy a full furniture set or individual items that match. There are benefits to both; if buying a full bedroom set, you will be sure that it will completely match and that each item of furniture will match in color. In our experience, even wooden furniture described as the same color can be slightly different shades.

The benefit of buying individual items for your bedroom is that you will not buy items you do not necessarily want just because they are part of a furniture set. If you are buying wood that has been painted, stained, or furniture made of another material, it is less likely that there will be subtle differences in color. 

This option could also save you money as often bedroom furniture sets can be more expensive. 

Beginning to Shop

Now that you have decided if you are planning to buy a full furniture set or individual items and you know the dimensions of the room you are furnishing, it is time to start shopping. We always prefer to begin our shopping online as you can very quickly rule items in and out without moving from one shop to another. 

This is where a website such as Homes Direct is invaluable; with an excellent range of materials, colors, and items in stock, you can browse the entire range without leaving your home. Although you might not get the full effect by shopping online, you will be in the best place to measure up the room in your home while you shop.

You can then make a shortlist of the furniture items you like and begin to virtually build the room. By visualizing how each item of furniture will fit together, you can create a picture of whether you will buy each item. Some online sites will enable you to create a 3D model of a room to more fully decide on the items you are buying. 

This can be especially helpful for those who cannot visualize the room as they browse. 


After deciding on the furniture that you are planning to buy, it is time to make the purchase. You may be able to get a quick delivery date, or you may have a little while to wait. Either way, now is the time to begin planning the changeover and installation of your new furniture.

You might be planning to redecorate the room before the new furniture arrives, so it is best to make sure the furniture delivery will not arrive too soon to allow this to happen. If you are not planning to decorate, you will need to plan the removal of your old furniture before delivery. 

You should plan enough time to have the old furniture removed before the new furniture is due to arrive, but not so early that you have no bed for a prolonged period of time unless you have an alternative to sleep on. This could be impacted by the availability to remove furniture if you are hiring a van or waiting for a company to remove it for you. With this in mind, it is best to plan this early. 

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