Cleaning your Home [Important tips & Useful Products!]


Do you adore a place that is clean, safe and peaceful?

Everyone does!

Then why not keep your house neat and clean always?

We know that many of you might already follow a cleaning schedule of their house. But some newbies might be hunting for some awesome tips for cleaning their house. 

We hope that this article will help you with all your needs to clean a house along with the machines that will make the process easy!

So, without wasting any further time, let’s begin with the collection of useful products first!

1. Products that make cleaning a Cakewalk

Listing down products, we have to discuss in this article, we get: Vacuum cleaner, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, and a Magic Spin mop (the easy mop!)

But the matter of concern is, it’s not compulsory to have all three products together. As getting a RoboVac and Vacuum cleaner together may seem out of budget!!!

While magic spin mop is easy to purchase and will also help you through your home chores. Let’s look at these products sequentially. 

2. A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner- [Uses, Pros & Cons]

That circular disc roaming around the house is what you call a RoboVac! 

If you are planning to purchase it, here are some tips that will help you to pick the best model.

  • Go for a lighter color of RoboVac. 
  • Dust collector bin should have a capacity of 0.6 L minimum.
  • Battery life should be in the range of 75-150 minutes.
  • Purchase a D-shaped model if your house has more right angles. Else go for the circular one.

Now if we concentrate on uses of a RoboVac, here are some of them:

  • Helps to clean the house without any human supervision ** (read cons!) 
  • Cleans almost every corner of the house even the one where our hands can’t reach.
  • Captures, dust, pet hairs, and much more!
  • Some models also have the facility of mopping.
  • Charges itself once the battery gets low. 

These features are considered to be the advantages of having a RoboVac. Then what are the cons?


** The main disadvantage of using a RoboVac is, you cannot completely rely on it working without any human assistance.

No matter whatever is mentioned in the user manual, the model will not require you around. But sometimes, if it encounters situations that are not programmed, it will malfunction!

So, try to remain around it while it is cleaning your house.

3. A Vacuum cleaner- [Uses, Pros & Cons]

A vacuum cleaner is a machine that will require your complete assistance while cleaning your home. But still, people in India prefer to buy a simple vacuum cleaner more than a RoboVac.

Let’s look at the uses of a Vacuum cleaner:

  • Cleans every corner of the house, even the places where your hand cannot reach. But you’ll need extra accessories for the same. 
  • Slurps away dirt, pet hairs, and dust from the house. 
  • Also used to clean carpets regularly. 
  • Easy to use and the cleaning process gets super easy if you have a dry & wet vacuum cleaner. 


  • The main advantage is, cleaning process is easy and effective. 
  • You can use it at multiple places like home, office, car, etc. 


Its maintenance is high (if you do not take proper care of your vacuum cleaner.)

4. A Magic Spin Mop- [Uses, Pros & Cons]

A magic spin mop is the most cost-effective tool that you can purchase for easing the cleaning process of your home!

We know that everyone is already aware of this product. Somehow, here are some uses of magic spin mop that you might have not come across. Let’s see about it.

  • It will help you with the mopping process of your house!
  • It has a bucket with wheels and a spinner that removes excess water from the mop.
  • You will not have to use your hands for it like in traditional methods.


  • Less water is used than the traditional mopping method.
  • The chances of water spilling around the floor also decrease!
  • Easy to drag anywhere as there are wheels under the bucket.


  • Assembling the easy mop gets tough sometimes! LOL!

After knowing these important products, it’s time to have a look at some tips that will help you throughout the cleaning time!

DON’T SKIP these tips, else you might lose something really important for you.

Important Tips for Cleaning Your house! [Unskippable]

1: Cleaning is a group activity

Make sure you are not alone while cleaning the house. As it is not a single man activity. Gather two-three family members and start cleaning your house.

2: Clean the whole house

It is obvious that as per the schedule of cleaning, clean the whole house and not only one room. 

3: Dust, sweep and mop

Dusting your house is more important before sweeping and mopping the house. It removes the dust and makes it easy for us to sweep away that dust while sweeping.

While sweeping, make sure to sweep under the furniture and sofa sets (if possible!) You can easily remove dust and dirt while sweeping

The mopping process disinfects the floor with the disinfectant liquid that you add to the water. 

4: Before mopping, Clean mirrors

After sweeping, do not forget to disinfect and clean the mirrors of your house. Remove the stains from the mirror and make them shine like a diamond!

5: Use the vacuum if required (Before sweeping & mopping)

If you find that the carpet and other furniture require vacuum cleaning, start vacuuming. You can use the vacuum cleaner before sweeping. 

After that mopping is performed (if required!)

Final Verdict

You can easily go through this article whenever you have any confusion while cleaning your home. Moreover, we are working 24×7 to guide you through various queries. So, go for asking any doubt in the comment section. Stay tuned. 

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