Cozy Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom in your house is not only a place where you can shower and clean yourself. One of those nooks in your home where you can retreat for rejuvenation is the bathroom. On average, a human being spends a minimum of 30 minutes in the bathroom daily. Now, depending on your routine, you may end up taking a warm bubble bath once a week or shaving or doing a complete skincare routine; this will increase your time spent in the bathroom. 

Overall hygiene and tidiness of the bathroom are primary, and an unclean bathroom will increase the chances of infestation. What is even the point of cleaning yourself in a contaminated environment? 

Now, having cozy bathroom interiors is of utmost importance. Ideally, your bathroom should have a warm and soothing vibe. The bathroom should provide comfort before you can prepare to start your day on a positive note. It should be a small oasis that offers you a comfortable sanctuary after a long and tiring day. 

You can very efficiently create your restful haven in your bathroom by following these ideas and hacks: 


Cut the monotony and add a splash of color in your bathroom with some bright-colored or printed bath textiles. You also place towels, doormats, or hand towels in assorted colors like blue, red, green, pink, etc. Experiment with some funky Aztec, floral, or chevron prints instead of the same dull whites and greys. Bringing color via these essential elements will spice up your bathroom vibe. 

Bathtub Vibe

Try and keep your bathtub area enclosed to make your baths a snug and relaxing experience. An opaque curtain that matches the interior design mood of the bathroom will be a good option. Shut the curtain every time you indulge in a bubble bath, and keep the curtains open at other times not to cut out the size of your bathroom.  Check wax melts.


A bathroom does require an adequate amount of storage space. Installing shelves not only adds to the storage space but can also help you put in some decorative pieces. For example, putting wall-hanging shelves or even over-the-toilet shelves can be a fantastic way to store your bath textiles. 


Spruce up your bath space with pastel-hued or even bright-colored candle jars depending on the bathroom design and mood. These candle jars not only add some character to your area, but you can light them at the end of a long day to unwind with some aromatherapy before you go to bed. You can also add potpourri or some warming oils to elevate the scent in your bathroom. 

Plants and florals 

Add some indoor plants to your bathroom if it has a good amount of natural light. You can position the plants near the window to add a sense of a luxurious spa-like atmosphere. If you have adequate vanity space, put in a beautiful vase and keep rotating some fresh flowers from time to time. Yes, we know that having plants and fresh flowers is high maintenance, and we would suggest you jump on this bandwagon only if you can devote a little time to the upkeeping. 


Who said a good piece of framed art is only to adorn the walls of your living room or hallways? Instead, you can hang a framed art piece of a beautiful landscape or soothing scenery in your bathroom. 

Bath tray 

Always keep your bathtub equipped with a bath tray that can hold your bubble bath, those fragrant soaps, and a glass of your favorite wine when you are indulging in a relaxing bath. In addition, some bath trays have a slot specially carved out to hold a book so that you can read and enjoy your “me time.” 

Mirror mirror on the wall 

The mirror in your bathroom not only serves its utility purpose but is also a perfect piece of decor. A beautiful mirror in your bathroom will give a sense of enlarged space and build a sense of style. Therefore, it is a necessary utility and decorative piece for the bathroom. 

Bath Bombs

Bubble bath containers, bath salts, and bath bombs are not only trending as items that enhance your bath experience. They make for a very colorful decor element. Do not store these in a cabinet and shut out all the splashes of color they can add to your space. Instead, please keep them in a basket on a shelf and see them turn the liveliness quotient higher. 


While we recognize that you need to consider the layout and area that your bathroom has primarily, you can use all the hacks mentioned above in your creative way to create that perfectly cozy and comfort-friendly bathroom design. 

Written by Olivia

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