Creative Ways to Set up Your Challenge Coin Display

Challenge Coin Display

Are you in the business world and looking for ways to show off your military service? Or are you a collector looking to show off your rare challenge coins?

Regardless of your purpose, a challenge coin display is a smart way to organize your custom tokens. But why should you take our word for it?

This article gives you all the information you need about collecting and displaying challenge coins. Read on for our expert advice!

Wall Mount     

Creative ways to set up your challenge coin display include investing wall-mount display. This allows for easy viewing of your coins and you to make an impressive display. Popular with many collectors, a wall mount display is a great way to show off your coins and remind you of your accomplishments.

Customizable options allow you to select how many shelves and coins your display will hold. You can choose from various background images and a photo frame depending on the model. This is to make your display an even more special representation of your coins.

Include a few photos and descriptions of where the coins were earned. This makes the collection even more exciting and interactive. Adding extra cove lights can be installed along the perimeter of your display to highlight your achievements.

Shallow Box

One creative way to set up a custom challenge coin display is to use a shallow box. This can provide a safe and secure way to store and organize your coins. You can create individual compartments for each challenge coin and line them up in the box in whatever order you choose.

If you want to add an extra touch, you can add a layer of felt or fabric between the compartments that provide a cushion when the coins are being handled. This keeps your coins from sliding around and damaging each other. You can customize it further by painting or decorating the exterior of the box.

This will make your display stand out from the rest and show how much you care about your coins and want to give them the best home possible.

Coin Globe Shelf Display

Coin globe shelf displays offer a brilliant and creative way to show challenge coins. The display consists of a shelf and a round glass globe. Place the challenge coins on the shelf, and then place the globe over it.

This strategy presents the coins in an elegant 3D fashion and creates a visually alluring scene of coins floating in space. It’s perfect for collectors or organizations looking to use a creative and efficient way to store and present coins.

This strategy also allows up to 24 coins to be displayed at once. This is enough to showcase different military branches, such as Marine or Air Force challenge coins. It’s simple to construct, and the glass globe prevents dust and other damage from affecting the coins.

Organizing your coin display can give it a sense of personalization and pride that your friends and family will admire.

Best Way To Create a Challenge Coin Display

Displaying a challenge coin collection is a fun and creative way to honor and show off someone’s achievements and accomplishments. Whether you go for a shallow box or wall-mount and coin globe shelf display, it will be the focal point of your room!

So, take those coins out of your drawer and show them off. Start creating your unique challenge coin display today.

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