Different Board Games to Keep the Fun in Being at Home

With all the distractions we have right at our fingertips, it’s easy to lose sight of the things that are most important. Quality time with friends and family is usually undervalued or just not what it used to be with all the screens we have that suck up our attention. Board games are a great way to get back to basics and can serve as a fun outlet from work and screen time. Here are a few classic and modern board games that can bring your family and friends together. 


Scrabble is at the top of the list because it fulfills so many needs that families may have. The people behind believed that Scrabble is known to increase the IQ of those who play regularly, and this game has the potential to get families learning together while instigating everyone’s competitive nature. People of all ages can enjoy this game, and your brains will thank you later. 


This game will get your whole family thinking about the different stages of life. Why is this a good thing? Because anything that gets your kids thinking about their futures, and considering the obstacles they might face along the way, is preparation. Adolescents especially have a talent for tuning out their parents’ guidance, but when it comes in the form of a game, they’re more likely to pay attention. 

At the core of this game, there’s an undeniable principle: Though life can be a rocky road with twists and turns, enjoying the ride is the most essential part of it all.


While Monopoly is better suited for an older crowd, it can easily be played by people of all ages. Teaching participants about finance and banking, this game offers a whole list of educational benefits. There’s a small lesson in every corner of this game, many of which might be disregarded by even the most seasoned individual at the table. 

Make sure you have at least two hours to finish a game. While the rules are simple, the criteria required to win a game are quite dense. 


The game “Sorry!” is a way you can help your young ones learn about abrupt setbacks that might cause negative emotions and how they need to control themselves within the moment. Though the premise and rules of the game are simple, the underlying message is deep and wholesome. 

Gather your family around a game of Sorry! and look to see how they perform without any guidance. You’ll surely find that some become frustrated and irritable after encountering another player who caused them to move back to square one, literally. Others might laugh it off. This will show you what kind of negative or positive mindset they’re prone to. 


Appealing to those with an artistic side, this game will inspire creativity and teamwork in participants. While many will be shy about a lack of skill they have in drawing, those same people might turn out to be the most clever. This game has the power to reveal people’s hidden talents and their ability to both lead and work as a team player. Draft your whole family in a game of Pictionary, or turn it into a drinking game with friends. It’s a one-size-fits-all kind of game.


This game has been creating a special interest in science and medicine within children for decades. It covers a lot of bases because it appeals to one’s sense of sight and hearing, with a buzzing noise that jolts you when you make a mistake while conducting surgery. This game brings laughter and excitement to the household and is less about competition and more about fun. 

Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap requires a different kind of patience and teamwork, as you’ll have to create the game you’re playing. Much like Operation, this game inspires kids to take an early interest in engineering and architecture. 

This game represents a shift in the game industry when the concept of board games was taken to the next level. Get your family together to see how well you work together and how quickly you can assemble it.

Different Board Games to Keep the Fun in Being at Home

These classic board games are still top sellers in the stores because of their underlying messages and the types of qualities they inspire, such as teamwork or love for science or finance. By gathering your family and friends around a board game, you’re providing them with a sense of oneness that you cannot get from social media. Reduce your screen time by engaging in one of these games and enjoy the bonding time with your loved ones.

Written by George K.

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