District Eight – Chic and Affordable Industrial Style Furniture

District Eight furniture is on the cutting edge of modern industrial style. This brand’s pieces are utterly unique in form and fashion. Yet, the designs are as practical and unadorned as you can find. If industrial style appeals to you, you’re in luck. You can find items like the following gems when you buy District Eight furniture at 1StopBedrooms online.

Akron Storm Black Leather Office Chair

This office chair elevates functional design to a whole new level. Its distinctive cast-iron body, wooden back, and bronze-handled adjustment lever bring the no-fuss style into focus. Add to that its contrast-stitched leather seat, and you have an office chair that makes a bold fashion statement.

Exeter Black Metal Side Table

For the best industrial design, you can’t go wrong with black metal. This side table has a blackened metal top over a blackened concrete base that provides visual appeal, tactile interest, and long-lasting durability. Brass fittings give it an extra touch of sophistication without clouding the uncluttered style.

Distrikt Bed Hard Fumed Wood Queen Bed

This shaker-style bed exhibits its spare functionality through its dowel headboard that embraces the spirit of industrial design perfectly. Its stable wood platform has clean lines for an appealing minimalist look. Cast iron legs complete this tribute to industrial style.

Orbit Petal Fabric Ottoman Chair

This piece of furniture is a chair and ottoman in one. How’s that for functional? Yet, its design is more than fascinating. It has a sculpted puff wrapped in petal-colored velvet surrounded by a no-nonsense solid oak base that allows you to swivel the armchair a full 360 degrees.

Drift Smoked Wood Display Shelving

If you’re planning to decorate your home in this style, you might as well go all the way. District Eight has shelving to help you complete the look. This shelving is made from beautiful but straightforward solid oak with a steel top for a look that’s as appealing as it is practical.

Stacking Bench Hard Fumed Wood Occasional Bench

If froufrou furniture turns you off, you’ll appreciate the simple design of this stacking bench. This bench has a solid oak seat and a blackened stainless-steel body to create the epitome of the style you love. Its antique brass feet give it a little something extra. And you can stack this modular bench up to three high, allowing you to keep plenty of seating on hand for special occasions.

Theo Hard Fumed Wood Wall Unit with Bar

This wood wall unit with bar provides the ideal place to store your drinks and glassware. Built from solid oak and oak veneer, this piece has a large storage area for beverages as well as a place to store your highball, wine, and cocktail glasses. With this unit, you’ll be all ready to relax after a busy day.

District Eight furniture has all the simple charm that comes with unadorned, unembellished design. If you’re looking for furniture that suits a minimalist heart, you’ll find it among the options from this exciting brand.

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