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Everything About Eleanor Talitha Bailey

Eleanor Talitha Bailey

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  1. Eleanor Talitha Bailey is the daughter of Devon Aoki and James Bailey.
  2. She has three siblings – Alessandra Linville Bailey, James Hunter Jr., and Evelyn.
  3. The journey of Eleanor Talitha Bailey has not been easy. She has endured numerous obstacles, but she never let them stop her from attaining her goals.

Devon Aoki needs no introduction. If you are a fan of this popular American actress and model, you will have no trouble figuring out that her daughter is Eleanor Talitha Bailey due to their striking resemblances with each other.

This article will explore everything about this rising prodigy – Eleanor Talitha Bailey.

All about Eleanor Talitha Bailey 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey was born third to the famous model Devon Aoki and her successful husband James Bailey. She rings on her birthday on February 12. You can find that her features are very similar to her mother’s. The similarity doesn’t end here as the young girl has also taken after her mother’s talent. 

The mother-daughter duo are very close to each other and often collaborate on various projects. Eleanor is exposed to cultures from both her mother’s and father’s side. Her mother has various heritages including Japanese, German, and English.

All these exposures have helped Eleanor gain a unique perspective on life. Her household welcomes diversity and hence she is nurtured with various cultural traditions and values. The manner in which she was raised has been the major reason for her to be the way she is. She knows that her mixed heritage is a great gift.

In her growing career, she is always supported by her family. Her parents shower her with utmost love and encourage her to explore her areas of interest and nurture her talent. Eleanor is a brand ambassador for Away – a travel luggage company.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Parents

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s parents – Devon Aoki and James Bailey have not only excelled in their romance but have also made some outstanding achievements.

They both got engaged in 2010 and exchanged their wedding vows in April 2011. Devon Aoki is a well-known American actress and also a fashion model. Her father is Hiroaki Aoki who was an amateur wrestler. He also founded the Benihana Restaurant Chain.

Her mother is Pamela Hilburger and she was involved in jewelry design. 

Devon Aoki started her modeling career at a very young age. When she turned sixteen, she became the proud face of Versace. As for acting, she has starred in major movies including 2 Fast 2 Furious in 2003, and Sin City in 2005.

Her husband, James Bailey has achieved fame elsewhere. He holds a strong academic and professional background. He earned his degree from the prestigious Harvard University. 

He chose his career in the finance industry. He worked with TA associates as an investment analyst. He gained lots of experience in the finance and investment sectors by working in this private equity firm which has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

Prior to this, he was also involved with various firms including Accel Partners, and Highland Consumer Fund. He also co-founded Velos Partners. 

Both these successful life partners create a positive environment for their children. Their achievements in different industries have served as an inspiration to Eleanor and her siblings greatly. 

Siblings of Eleanor Talitha Bailey 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey has three siblings. Alessandra Linville Bailey is the elder sister of Eleanor. She was born on February 12, 2013. Eleanor’s elder brother is James Hunter Jr., and finally Evelyn, who is the youngest of all. James was born in 2011, while Evelyn was born in 2020.

The proud parents Devon Aoki and James Bailey often share a glimpse of their children’s lives through photos and social media posts. All these actions reveal how they respect their family values, their cute bond with one another, and the abundant love they share.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey and Her Mother’s Day Campaign with Her Mother Devon Aoki 

Devon Aoki has emerged successful in both her personal and professional career. The most precious gift according to her, is her four children. She aced her motherhood journey due to the skills and values imparted to her by her mother.

In 2018, Devon Aoki appeared in a Mother’s Day campaign with Eleanor Talitha Bailey and her two siblings – James Hunter, and Alessandra Linville Bailey. For this campaign, Devon partnered with Swarovski. It showcased the beauty of motherhood and Devon was purely elated for her role in the campaign.

She even wrote an Instagram post thanking Swarovski and mentioned that she was proud to be part of that campaign which celebrated the best job in the world – motherhood. 

She also stated that her kids Eleanor, Hunter, and Alessandra were with her. She thanked all the mothers who were an inspiration to her, with a special mention to her incredible mother Pamela Hilburger.


  1. When does Eleanor Talitha Bailey celebrate her birthday?

Eleanor Talitha Bailey rings on her birthday on February 12, 2015.

  1. Does Eleanor Talitha Bailey have any career aspirations?

Yes. She is passionate about fashion and art. She also aspires to shine in the fashion world.

Wrapping Up 

The journey of Eleanor Talitha Bailey has not been easy. She has endured numerous obstacles, but she never let them stop her from attaining her goals.

With such amazing supportive parents and a good family background, and with her fighting attitude, Eleanor Talitha Bailey is here to stay. 

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