Enjoy Mobile Gaming At Its Best With These Top Titles 

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These days, modern life can be complicated. Alongside the chaos in the world and the financial difficulties many people are experiencing, the lighter side of life needs to be explored. Thankfully, given the rise of mobile gaming, the vast majority of us switch off from the trials and tribulations of life with a solid gaming session. 

Mobile gaming is a convenient entertainment option that can be explored with ease as and when it suits a user. If news surrounding the latest natural disaster is putting a dampener on a good day, then a mood can be immediately lifted with a fun gaming session for an hour or so. For many people, that is one of the joys of mobile gaming, with our miniature communication tools essentially providing us with the opportunity to play a variety of games whenever we want. Mobile games are more impressive than ever before, too, with this enticing gaming option now appealing to mass audiences. There are certainly some rather forgettable products in the mobile category of gaming, though, with the very best titles occasionally getting lost in what has become a saturated gaming space. As such, let’s take a look at some of the top mobile titles that are well worth downloading.

Monument Valley 2 provides a pleasurable gaming experience 

Tasked with guiding a mother and her child on a journey through magical architecture and a selection of tricky pathways, Monument Valley 2 is a challenging but fun game to session. Also offering eye-catching visuals and soothing backdrops, the game has risen up the mobile gaming ranks to become one of the most popular titles to play. Developed and published by Ustwo Games, Monument Valley 2 is an indie puzzle product like no other, hence why millions of mobile gamers enjoy the game today. 

Raid: Shadow Legends is a top gacha RPG

On the whole, it’s fair to say that gacha RPGs tend to divide opinion. The fact remains, though, that a massive amount of people play them on a daily basis. One of the best options on mobile is undoubtedly Raid: Shadow Legends, a product that offers beautifully clean graphics for a smartphone product. In the game, you’ll be busy too, with players having to embark on a variety of epic journeys in PVE campaign missions or PVP Arena scraps. For a free game, it’s a blast. 

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Microgaming’s 9 Blazing Diamonds is a great game 

One of the many reasons behind the growth of mobile gaming is due to the diverse collection of enhanced games that people can typically explore on a smartphone device. Downloadable products tend to hog the limelight, but they’re being rivalled by some truly memorable browser games that are adding another layer of entertainment to the mobile sphere. One browser game that has particularly soared in terms of its popularity in recent times is Microgaming’s 9 Blazing Diamonds, a brilliant slot game that offers red hot jackpot prizes on a 5 reels and 25 paylines machine. An easy to grasp release, the game’s fiery theme is appealing too, with players particularly enjoying the red and gold colour scheme throughout. 

Pokemon Go isn’t new but it’s still going strong 

Enjoy Mobile Gaming At Its Best With These Top Titles 

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Although the game’s momentum has slowed down since its initial release in 2016, Pokemon Go’s augmented reality offering still makes it stand out from the crowd. Fresh updates and the introduction of new Pokemon has certainly helped keep the game fresh, alongside a range of new quests. Ultimately, though, the game’s augmented reality feature is what makes it truly appealing, with gamers able to explore the outdoors while playing this iconic release. 

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