Everything you need to be Prepared for a Powerout

Power outs are a part of life. They can be long, boring, and even a little scary, unless you’re well prepared! There are so many ways to make the occasional power out comfortable, safe, and even fun! So let’s take a look at everything you need to do to prepare for the next power out. 

Back-up Power

The most obvious thing to do in a power out is find some other source of power! You only need a temporary solution while the maintenance teams do their work, so it doesn’t have to last you more than a few hours. But if the power out hits while you’re working, cooking, or if you’re powering something very important, then it’s worth having some back-up!

Like most tech, portable generators have become smaller and more affordable over recent years! You even have the choice between gas, propane, or even lithium-ion battery fueled generators. It’s a great thing to have tucked away in case of emergencies!


The most obvious issue with a power out is that a lot of the time you can’t see where you’re going! Everybody has a torch somewhere at home, but in a power out you could spend ages fumbling about in dark drawers looking for it.

Rechargeable LED torches are small, powerful, and cheap. That means you can get a few and stash them around the house! That way when the power drops, you’ll never be far from a source of light. That could save you a lot of time and potentially a nasty injury.

Safety First

Safety should always be a top priority, especially when you’re in a power out. No matter what you’re doing, your home will suddenly become packed with potential dangers, like chairs, toys, shoes, and most importantly, stairs.

You may have seen glow in the dark tape in hotels, but you may never have considered it for your home! If you take a little time and care, then you can keep the tape neat and hidden away, so that you wouldn’t even notice it until you need it, just as it should be!

Protect your Tech

It’s fairly common for a power out to be caused by an unusually large surge of electricity running through the grid. The problem with high surges is that anything you have plugged into the wall will suddenly be blasted with far too much power, which can fry technology like cell phones and laptops. 

This is why you need a surge protector. A simple device that looks just like an extension cord, except it’ll save your tech and your money when the power comes back on. Don’t take any risks, because what could be worse than getting the power back and none of your tech starts up!

These are just a few of the ways you can prepare yourself for the next power out, but these are the most essential steps you need to do. Think about your safety, have a back-up power source, and make sure all your belongings are safe. That way, you can cruise through the next power out without any worries. 

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