Find Success in Real Estate with These Marketing Tools

Are you a real estate agent looking to find success in your real estate business by embracing the best marketing tools and tactics in 2020 and beyond? If so, this post is here to help. Keep reading.

Today, the world has seen a drastic change in how things are running. The days of sending out direct emails and cold calling real estate customers for meetings are long gone, especially in 2020, where social distancing is recommended. Although postcards and calling are still essential in real estate marketing, there is a significant change in marketing every realtor should know.

Moreover, it is a tradition for every real estate agent to have a clear strategy about their realtor postcard templates combined with a straightforward marketing strategy to boost one’s business. As such, the only way your real estate business will succeed above the shelves is by employing tested and proven marketing tools that are here to stay.

That said, here is how to find success in real estate with these marketing tools you may have always despised:


If you didn’t know, over 90 million successful businesses use social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect and attract new customers and retain old ones. Looking at those numbers closely, you’ll realize that about 80% of realtors have active Facebook accounts, and the number of leads most drive is beyond imagination!

In other words, Facebook is a goldmine marketing tool for the success of your real estate brand or agency. Facebook has the power to expand your reach locally and globally, which is why leaving it behind is killing your business. Diving deeper, Facebook still proves to be an excellent marketing tool in the syndicated real estate investment industry. It is known to bring about 62% and above traffic to brands’ websites from the massive number of Facebook users worldwide.

However, your real estate’s road map to success through Facebook marketing isn’t a walk in the park. It takes time, effort, and dedication to get the best of it. Best of all, it is wise to note that Facebook is an excellent marketing tool with a few of its downsides, including optimizing it can be an overwhelming plus, there are lots of destruction on Facebook you should deal with an agent.

Wise Pelican

Apart from Facebook and other marketing tools you know, Wise Pelican comes second in our list of marketing tools you can use to find success in your Real estate business as a realtor. Well, having an idea about that is a sure-fire strategy you can employ to kick-start your real estate success, but how? The answer is simple: Use Wise Pelican as your marketing tool.

Whether you’re going to decide to use it in the form of postcards for real estate or brochures, Wise Pelican still has an essential aspect in your overall marketing plan.

Better yet, to make it a success, using the Wise Pelican marketing campaign comes with elements that separate it from other mediocre mailing campaigns. To ensure you’ve got the best of Wise Pelican, create engaging marketing templates, be it directs email templates, letters, or postcards.


Next up, your real estate business’s success doesn’t just depend on social platforms and template marketing campaigns but also real-life software that has come to change things. That software is Boomtown.

Those who have already used this fantastic software swear how it has streamlined their workflow and transformed leads to closed deals.

With Boomtown as your marketing tool, you will have an opportunity to respond quickly to your clients and contact them directly via email or texts. The software only needs you to sign up and access all the features to boost your real estate niche altogether.

Better yet, Boomtown software comes with an automated concierge that is extremely helpful plus, suppose you have any difficulties in using the software; its providers are quick to come in and help as they respond and react promptly 24/7. However, compared to other leads generation and CRM software marketing tools, Boomtown’s major downside is that it’s more expensive.

Zillow Premier Agent App

Zillow is a challenge when it comes to realtor postcard templates. Some like it, some don’t, but the truth is that Zillow Premier Agent App is one of the most dominated marketing App the world has ever seen for years, and for that reason, you must employ and embrace Zillow for the success of your real estate business. Working with Zillow in your company offers you two essential advantages:

Exclusivity- if you’ve wanted to have your listings promoted exclusively, Zillow is an excellent option. This kind of promotion increases your odds of getting clients plus commissions you can hardly get from other marketing apps.

Wider reach- For any business to succeed especially real estate, the number of leads and potential clients you reach, the better. This is what you get from Zillow. With the App, you advertise your brand on local listings that efficiently drive customers living next to your door!

When it comes to drawbacks, the App promotes non-listing agents alongside listings that are not theirs, confusing clients into thinking you know all the properties announced. Secondly, leads generated for subscribing agents are often low and non-responsive.


Are you a realtor who likes watching real estate videos and want to start driving leads by making your own? Well, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy agent because, through BombBomb software, you can create your videos and share with clients seamlessly.

BombBomb is a perfect marketing tool that quickly records, sends, and track video messages from anyone, anywhere. You can employ this in your real estate brand and succeed without investing mostly.


Lastly, your real estate can easily succeed by using Intercom’s software features. With Intercom, marketing can be a walk in the park by communicating to prospects on its App via email, social platforms, or straight on the software’s website.

Final Thoughts

As you can imagine, succeeding in real estate can be challenging. However, using the right marketing tools is an excellent option to turn things around and drive leads and sales. If you’ve been looking for tools to boost your brand, these can get you off the ground.

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