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Many people are conducting web searches on Gena Tew’s obituary and related information. Many have questions like what caused her demise or is she in hospice. 

Gena Tew, a 29-year-old Instagram model, has bravely shared her journey of battling AIDS publicly on Tik Tok, revealing her diagnosis in March 2022. 

Despite being linked to celebrities like Chief Keef, Chris Brown, and Nick Cannon, she faced major health challenges, such as nearly dying from AIDS after not testing for the virus for nearly a decade. Despite struggles, she raises awareness of AIDS on social media, amassing more than 110,000 followers on Instagram and constantly raises awareness of what it’s like to be living with AIDS, the ups and downs of her health journey on TikTok

Despite the hardships she has written about, Gena Tew, a model born on December 16, 1994 in the US is  popular for posting photos, songs and videos is still coping, undergoing treatment and working to get it back and the ability to walk.

She shared in a TikTok video on June 11 that gained more than 12 million views, revealed her struggles as she lost a lot of weight, which led to muscle atrophy and formation difficulty getting out of bed by new posts on various social media. 

She Confirmed challenges, including reliance on a wheelchair due to lameness, weight loss so 65 pounds and complications from her health issues include partial blindness and the inability to walk unassisted, although she showed a weight gain of over 100 pounds and the immune system markers of improvement at post-treatment, such as use of a walker and undergoing physiotherapy sessions. 

Notably, she celebrated milestones such as taking her first step in a year, and highlighted her rebound efforts. However, advances in treatment offer hope for her continued recovery, emphasizing the importance of consistent treatment compliance.

She recently underwent surgery to restore sight in her left eye, and has been talking about her health struggles on social media, since publicly revealing her AIDS diagnosis in March and eye surgery in Memphis, Tennessee noting that while the procedure aimed to address her AIDS-related blindness. 

Despite being optimistic about the potential progress of the new prescription, she still faces challenges with partial vision and ongoing soreness. She later described ongoing challenges and stressed the necessity of ongoing treatment.

 In her post she referenced the hashtag “#CMV”, which is common among AIDS patients -Indicates known eye complications such as cytomegalovirus retinitis.

In a 2018 interview with Ink magazine, Tew, a Brooklyn model who is gaining traction on Instagram and has landed notable gigs with  Dolls Kill, published after her appearance in the “10 Questions with Model Gena Tew” feature.

 She protested that she didn’t have a home when she moved to New York. Sharing the experience, she talked about her aspirations to pursue a music career.

Gena Tew spoke candidly about her journey with HIV/AIDS on social media, including stories of rape and the possibility of being exposed to open tattoos or dirty needles including when she was Homeless in New York. 

Despite being unsure about the exact origins, she courageously faced her illness by dealing with the need for HIV testing and stigma. Tew’s openness expanded to intimate relationships and by a discussion of possible infectious risk factors, and by emphasizing her clinical progress, which included developing undetectable viruses. 

In addition to her added ability, she considered her CD4 count, which could be used to distinguish her from AIDS and HIV.

Gena Tew, an influencer fighting AIDS, started a GoFundMe campaign last year, after she tragically lost her sister to a rare lung disease The fundraiser aims to raise money for Gena has moved in with her late sister’s family and her sister’s husband with three young children and provide support. 

Gena emphasized the importance of a close family in her journey to recovery. The campaign raised about $16,570 from 518 contributors on GoFundMe, showing the generosity of supporters.

On October 23, 2022, Gena Tew shared some more information, expressing gratitude for the help that enabled her to buy a new home and pay for her medical bills.

As part of her health journey documented on social media, Tew addresses various questions from fans, including one about being in hospice, clarifying that she is not in a hospital hospice but admits to being in a hospital bed. 

In response to supportive comments, she reflects on her past experiences, attributing her silence to youth and naivety. Fans rally around her, offering wishes and encouragement, confirming her resilience and emphasizing the importance of self-care and perseverance.

She shows off her musical talent by covering songs, including songs from pop sensation Adele and Alina Baraz’s “Electric Song,” which she released in early 2018. Additionally, Tew, who is known as a musician, was previously featured in 2015 in The Cover magazine.


Gena Tew owns a pet dog. Significant attention by documenting her health journey on TikTok drew, featuring her efforts to lose 65 pounds and regain her ability to walk, amassing 14.2 million views. A constant update and awareness about AIDs and answering questions has kept her followers informed on Tew’s health status.

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