Got Some Old VHS Material? Here is What You Can Do With It

Music paved the way for VHS tapes. They were introduced as a storage unit for different types of music. Gone are the days when the music would be stored on these tapes. These old VHS tapes were replaced by DVD’s and streaming services, making them obsolete. However, some people still have these tapes in their homes, and they do not know what to do with them.

They cannot go to their favorite music shop and exchange them for DVD cassettes nor sell them. They are not valuable anymore, and the only thing someone can do with them is to store them as remnants of the past. However, these tapes can be used to create other stuff if someone does not want to dispose of them.

Plant Pots

Most people do not know that they can use the VHS tapes to create plant pots. The two materials needed are the tapes and glue. Someone should glue the tapes together so that they can form a box without a sealing top. After the glue has dried, add soil, manure, and the plants.

The port’s size depends on the type of plants, which also determines the number of tapes needed. Someone can create many plant pots from the tapes and form a greenhouse without looking for a piece of land to farm.


Ladies do not have to buy expensive purses when they can design their own and incorporate a movie theme. Someone can create two types of bags from these materials. Having such purses is an excellent way to increase a person’s handbag collection while recycling their old VHS tapes. The first option involves using the VHS tapes to create crochet purses that are well designed.  Someone only needs extra buttons and yarn to combine them with the VHS to form a purse.

The second option entails using the entire VHS material to make handbags. One should first hollow out the tip, add several hinges, and finally crochet a rope from the VHS tape. It will form a handbag that is both fashionable and shows off someone’s excellent taste in movies.


Cheerleaders do not have to buy pompoms if they have old VHS tapes at home. Someone should pull out the tape and wind it on their hand. The process involves rewinding the tape almost halfway, then cutting the bottom and the top to make the pompoms.

Wall Clock

The VHS materials can be used to make wall clocks. The guts of the cassette are removed and replaced with a quartz clock. The clock is also incorporated with a battery, which converts an old relic into a modern clock. It adds some ancient flair to the clock whenever someone is telling time.


VHS tapes are considered ancient materials, but they can be digitized. They can be used to make a USB hub or convert them into digital copies. The experts from say that old VHS tapes can be converted to help someone relive their old memories. For the USB hub, someone only requires a soldering gun, LED lights. The soldering gun creates holes on the cassette, while the LED lights are used to make it cool and attractive.

VHS Tables

It sounds odd having a VHS table, but these materials can be used to make a stable table. The cassettes are rigid and can be glued together to form an attractive table based on their design. The only drawback is that it takes a lot of time to create such a table and for the glue to dry because someone cannot use nails to attach the cassettes.


Those who love reading and have plenty of books without a suitable place to store them should not worry. The VHS tapes can be used to make bookends that blend perfectly with someone’s books. Unwanted CDs can also be used to make bookends. The VHS tapes are combined together, leaving a space between VHS tapes where the books will be stored. Someone can also paint these bookends to create a vintage vibe.

Yarn Dispenser

Got Some Old VHS Material? Here is What You Can Do With It

All knitters and crocheters have a reason to smile. The VHS materials can be used to create a yarn dispenser. One should first of all open the VHS and use the spools to wrap the thread around it. Return the spools to the VHS and close it, allowing someone to knit while pulling the yarn from inside the cassette.

All these recycling ideas use different parts of the VHS tapes to ensure nothing is wasted. These tapes cannot decay, and the best way to conserve the environment is to re-use them. The only thing one requires is time and creativity because someone can make many things using these materials. There is no need to throw away these VHS tapes if someone can create something from these materials.

Written by George K.

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