How to Grow a Beard Faster

How to Grow a Beard Faster

Beard styles are always in fashion and they add a certain amount of machismo to a man’s face but some men aren’t as lucky in the department of facial hair. And that is fine too because it’s where we come in. If you wish to grow your beard naturally then these are a few tips that can accelerate the process of facial hair growth. Things to remember is that facial hair growth is genetic so don’t beat yourself up too much if your grandfather always rocked the clean-shaven look, it’s for a reason that it’s difficult for you to grow a beard. These are a few suggestions and changes in your lifestyle that will improve your hair growth, all-natural, every single one tried and tested.

1. Keeping your skin healthy and cleansed – the first step is to take care of your skin as it is. Make a habit of keeping your face clean. At least twice a day wash it with warm water and use a cleanser. Warm water helps in opening up the pores and the cleanser eradicates all the unnecessary dirt and oil that is collected in your skin. Avoid using scruffy soaps, clean skin gives a way for small facial hair to grow.

2. Moisturize – This is an important part of skincare and you must do it regardless of your beard preferences. After you clean your skin with warm water and cleanser use a good moisturizer that suits your skin type. It helps your skin balance its dryness or oiliness (depending on your skin type) If you can then use eucalyptus as they are known to be effective for facial hair growth.

3. Supplements – There are always ways to make them grow by just tweaking certain habits, incorporating vitamin B, B1, B6, and B12 in your diet is helpful. Having a diet that is rich in protein is also helpful. A balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables is extremely beneficial too. Give your body the things it’s missing for it to naturally grow your hair, there are also very effective supplements that are specifically designed for hair growth, One of such supplements is Joes Finest Beard Growth Supplement.

4. Exfoliate – This is a once-a-week process, exfoliate refers to eradicating your dead skin cells with the help of a scrub. It helps in making way for new hair to grow.

5. Check for Ingrowth – Ingrown hair is tweezed hair that grows back into the skin, it’s very normal but it causes inflammation on your skin. Making it quite difficult for the beard to grow in uniformity. Keep an eye for ingrown hair. Exfoliate helps in this too. 

6. Don’t Trim – Avoid trimming your beard if you want it to grow properly, it will be difficult to control the urge to trim it when it starts to grow unevenly. Give it at least 6 weeks and touch the trimmers once it’s full, shaving doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make your hair grow faster afterward. It may also give you an itchy rash once your hair starts growing. 

7. Manage Stress – Stress and not being able to rest well harms the skin so taking care of your skin is not just an external effort it’s also an internal one. Beards grow more effortlessly if you are more relaxed.


Where there is a will, there is a way to grow your beard in the style you have been waiting for. Keeping your diet in check, making a few lifestyle changes, and maybe taking care of yourself with a good skincare routine and supplements you too can have the desired beard in a matter of weeks. Remember patience is the key and a beautiful shiny beard is worth the wait.

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